Frame 3

A simple sampler for creative sampling

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Peter Dines
1.0 ( Updated   1 year ago )
May 22, 2013
Instrument Sampler


Frame is a simple Reaktor sampler I created to implement a type of freeform looping and creative sampling I felt was missing from most other software samplers on the market. Frame allows you to define a window of sound and sweep it across the sample as it plays without glitching or popping.

Documentation is in progress at


Lesly Remy
6 months ago
Mr. Dines this is E X A C T L Y what I have wanted out of a sampler! From the EXS24 to Skanner, nothing has come close to this. Thank you sir!
Kurt Lucas
11 months ago
Just came across this awesome sampling machine. Can't wait to start adding my own samples. Great work!
michael huckaby
1 year ago
this is really good. its just what ive been needing too ! mike
1 year ago
Danny Lewis
1 year ago
Love this Peter.. featured on my youtube channel -
Unknown User
1 year ago
Thanks N.I!!!
Paul Weber
1 year ago
Dreamscapes made real - thx! Paul
Olaf Bubel
1 year ago
Thanks for this solution, to manipulate samples, with direct granular controls.
David Shew
1 year ago
Thanks. A very useful and easy way to manipulate samples in a musical way. Bravo!
Peter Dines
1 year ago
Thank you for the kind comments, guys. It's gratifying to see that others recognize the usefulness of Frame's simple and direct granular controls.
Chris R Gibson
1 year ago
Super update Peter! Got lost exploring the possibilities for an entire day and only felt like grazed the surface of this fantastic tool ;-) Certainly has me looking forward also to my next session with it's bigger brother 'Loupe 2'.
Der Einmeier
1 year ago
Thanks you, Peter! A very useful, clean, simple to understand interface, easy to use and a good starting point to think about gettin' loupe2 for some really enhanced mangling and slicing. ;) But Frame3 already is for sure a perfect bred&butter-tool you can always have a use for.
year zero
1 year ago
marco vicari
1 year ago
love your ensembles...
Jose Barrera Martinez
1 year ago
thank you for this awesome ensemble!!! Preset 01 and preset 04 are great and show the beauty of creative sampling.
David DeLizza
1 year ago
This is awesome. It's exactly what I needed for simple granular playback. Thank you so much.