Ensemble with Minimoog, Space Echo RE-201, Electric Mistress

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ZooTooK .
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March 17, 2014
Instrument Synthesizer


When asking synth aficionados about their favorite synths they describe them as having a specific raw power and organic feel. Minimoog, Jupiter 4, SEM, OBX, Odyssey, Roland System 100, Moog Modular III, CS80 comes in high but also Polymoog, Prophet 5 and Polivocs are held high and described as organic and raw. Note that most but not all* on the list of favorite synths are first or second generation of synth with design made in the 70s. The reason to the raw power and organic feel is in my opinion the basic (or even poor) design and fairly low quality components (compared to today). It's important to understand that there are many factors behind that organic and raw sound and it's not equal to distortion. Overdriving the filter gives a lot of character, specifically at higher resonance values, but it's not the only factor. Just by adding some white noise is also not way to analog nirvana. Zero delay filters are much acclaimed recent years and offering the correct frequency response is important but it is still not a one way ticket to vintage weirdness.
People have tried to imitate analog synthesizers for decades e.g. by sample a single wav cycle but failed badly. Not only should waveforms be non perfect from a mathematical point of view they should also vary over time, just like a violin. However it's not the detuning and the drift, which is mainly a nuance and could easily be emulated by detuning the oscillators on purpose but instead, it's the microscopic variation in all parts of the circuitry that makes all aspect of the sound to continuously varying over time. These variations are very flattering to the brain as humans are very good at pattern recognition. Hearing a static sound becomes dull quite quickly but subtle or even subliminal changes becomes interesting and pleasing to listen to.
E.g the oscillators might vary in frequency and amplitude at high frequency adding more of a noise character but also variations at frequencies above and below the played note. Same with the frequency of the filter and the amplitude response of the amplifier; all functions varying at all frequencies.
Analog Legacy is the theory of modulating all functions in a synthesizer at all frequencies. The key is to find the right balance of the modulation depth for each frequency. Minimojo is the first attempt to use this theory in practice.
Just to make it clear: The Minimojo is not in any way a copy of MONARK. I have not used or have had access to MONARK during the making of Minimojo. Instead the old ensemble Minimood made by NI in 1999, which has then been modified by several users, has been used as the starting point. I think that the basic structure will be recognizable from that early ensemble.
*Polivoks might not be designed in the 70 but the point is that the design and components are not of high quality measured by todays standard.


Rob Stuart 4 days ago
This mojo is a mofo. ;-)
István Király 3 weeks ago
Michael Propst 1 month ago
It's a little too wide for the Reaktor window and it can really eat your processor power but the sound is incredible.
simon pickering 1 month ago
This is fat, love it thank you.
Scott Kos 2 months ago
Fantastic sounds! Thanks!
Richard Hargrave 2 months ago
And loads of presets thanks alot
Richard Hargrave 2 months ago
Very Impressed, Good Job
Thomas Clement 3 months ago
The synth and effects work extremely well together. Really captures the age
ZooTooK . 3 months ago
@Jeromy - sadly I can't. I've been struggling to achieve that for years but failed. There are a few attempts in the UL but none is working properly AFAIK.
Jeromy Denk 3 months ago
Great synth! I was wondering though, if you could suggest a way to add a button to switch between legato and retrigger modes on the volume envelope.
Unknown User 3 months ago
thank you ! I got the original for many years. This is very very close !
Unknown User 3 months ago
Thank you ZooTook. Great synth. It's my favorite Mini now and I've played a lot of real Minis.
ZooTooK . 3 months ago
@Robert - You have a midi PitchBend module in the Controllers macro. Change the range (in 1/10 of normal P, so 0.1 to get one half note)
Unknown User 3 months ago
Is there a way to change the pitch wheel amount. I can't find any way to adjust. It seems to default at 6 half steps but I like to use 1 step bend amount.
Christopher Soulos 3 months ago
Excellent. Like all Moog Model Ds, none are the same, not one. Great to have another (irregular) Minimoog in the arsenal. Cheers
Unknown User 3 months ago
Really great - well done. Thank you :)
Jerome Santiago 3 months ago
Very smooth Moogy sound, love the variance factor. Reaktor and it's community of patchers rock!
Johan Dreyer 3 months ago
Very Cool! Thank you so much!
Unknown User 3 months ago
Absolutely Brilliant!!!
Norman Levi Maldonado Encinas 3 months ago
woooow!! completely awesome!! sounds beautiful
Unknown User 3 months ago
Thanks NI
ZooTooK . 3 months ago
Daniel - do a search in your file system for minimojo
Randy Hollingsworth 3 months ago
This sounds fantastic. Thanks so much.
Unknown User 3 months ago
What am I missing? I downloaded it, unzipped it into my N.I folder but reactor cannot seem to find it. Using a mac mini running mavericks if that helps.
Unknown User 3 months ago
FuNK Machine!
Leonardo Chaibun 3 months ago
Thomas Clement 3 months ago
Sounds gorgeous. Thanks so much.
ZooTooK . 3 months ago
Ben,please find the Space Echo effect in a separate upload in the UL
Steve Duffy 3 months ago
Incredible I just went through all the sounds and they sound amazing
Ben Allen 3 months ago
Ok. I'll see if I can work that out. As I said, I'm quite new to Reaktor. It would be great if you could upload the space echo as its own ensemble. I think it's a really nice sounding unit. Better than the other emulations here. Really nice work!
ZooTooK . 3 months ago
You can take external via the minimoog (remember to press a key to trigger en envelope) and then to the Space Echo but no way to go direct to the Space Echo. But it's just to copy the Instrument and past it into a new Ensemble. I'll upload a separate ensemble soon.
Ben Allen 3 months ago
Is there any way to process other instruments through the space echo? May be quite simple but I'm not well versed with reaktor.
Olaf Bubel 4 months ago
sounds perfect good job :) THX
Unknown User 4 months ago
Tremendo!! gracias.
Daniel Hogan 4 months ago
Sounds great \m/
CC lines of the acid 4 months ago
Thanx ZooTook !
Michael Liebner 4 months ago
Nice work!
JEREMY MADALLA 4 months ago
allan walker 4 months ago
This actually looks like a minimoog.... sounds like it too! excellent work. thanx.
Mary Jean-Philippe 4 months ago
Marvellous!!! Very Usefull for me. THX
Paule Amca 4 months ago
I want to transfer some presets from my Arturia Mini Moog but this one here sounds to heavy.
Jonathan Loeb 4 months ago
Yup. Wow.
Andreas Sandberg 4 months ago
Beautifully executed! However, my laptop is to weak for this ens, so I have to wait until I have a more powerful processor before I really try it with the fx.
Jan Brähler 4 months ago
Trevor Gavilan 4 months ago
you did it again
Paule Amca 4 months ago
tim goldsworthy 4 months ago
Steven Wilkinson 4 months ago
Amazing work as always. Can't wait to try it out.