Minimalistic Groove Tools

  • Special Kits with pitched sounds for track construction
  • Unique multi-effect chains for evolving textures
  • Custom MASSIVE presets
Demo Tracks


PULSWERK delivers the polished sound of minimalistic techno and house with precision drums, pitched Special Kits and sequenced Multi-Effect Kits.


PULSWERK delivers the deep, clean, pounding intensity of contemporary minimal techno and house. 30 Kits provide edgy, precise grooves while 20 Special Kits deliver a custom construction toolset that kicks with the cool, polished sound of electronic music’s most refined styles. Inspiring Multi-Effect Kits instantly add sequenced, tempo-synced effects to your tracks with a wealth of tweaking and routing options.

New MASSIVE presets bring an extra touch of thunder to your creations. Get ready for the main floor – this is PULSWERK.


PULSWERK’s sound arsenal was created with top-of-the-line analog and digital gear by renowned sound designer Denis Gökdag. Its 20 Special Kits come with custom patterns using chords, bleeps, glitches, drones, pads, and other pitched sound sources to deliver tight, pulsing sounds that cut through a mix with scalpel-like precision.

Carve out your own distinct tracks for the dancefloor with this groove construction toolkit.


PULSWERK is loaded with a set of inspiring Multi-Effect Kits – custom chains of MASCHINE’s onboard effects that load just like a drum kit into one of MASCHINE’s groups. Pads feature pre-sequenced chains that automatically sync to the track tempo for precise, rhythmic sound morphing.

Route any sound or group an effect chain, and start tweaking – record parameter automation and easily further route those chains into others for expansive, evolving textures.


The man behind PULSWERK’s signature sounds is Denis Gökdag – the creator of TRANSISTOR PUNCH, and the name behind Surround SFX and Zynaptiq. To create each sound, Denis ran vintage and modern hardware synths, softsynths, drum machines, and modular units through select, high-end outboard gear carefully chosen for their character. Another round of processing added extra attitude, clarity, and punch for pro sound out of the box.


"Authentic, groovy, fresh. The drums are punchy like a slap in the face and the one-shot synths & FX range from highly usable to beyond unique. This is THE stuff."
Martin Buttrich (Desolat)

"The choice of drums, one-shot synths and sound efx is covering almost the whole bandwidth needed. A collection of inspiring loops and sounds. Pure fun."
Pan-Pot (Mobilee)

"Pulswerk is a top notch addition to Maschine. Great sounding, easy to process, fun to play with and, more than anything, very inspirational."
Rodriguez Jr (Mobilee, Systematic)


Full MASCHINE projects 7
Drum Kits 30
Special Kits 20
MASSIVE presets 60
Multi-Effect Kits 10
Patterns 215
Download size 604,5 MB (unzipped 697,9 MB)
System requirements MASCHINE STUDIO / MASCHINE / MASCHINE MIKRO 1.8.2 or higher, MASSIVE 1.3.1


A compact version of this MASCHINE Expansion is available for use with iMASCHINE, the groove sketchpad for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
iMASCHINE Expansions

You can purchase this version from the iMASCHINE in-app store. If you don’t have iMASCHINE, you can get it here.


Add extra fuel to your MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE or MASCHINE MIKRO with MASCHINE Expansions – sonically-specialized packages created by renowned sound designers and artists.

These ready-to-rumble sample kits consist of drum one-shots, matched kits, multi-sampled instruments and pre-programmed patterns and songs. For instant and exclusive use within MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO.

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