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whats the best sample rate to use with the s4?

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S4' started by schteve, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. schteve

    schteve New Member

    there is a quite wide option...44100,48000,88200,98000?
    i found out that it influences the latency and a bit the sound it self...whats the best one ore witch one do you use guys?

  2. KLH

    KLH Forum Member

    44,100. 99% of MP3s are made with that sample rate.

  3. drennon

    drennon Forum Member

    should i put mine at 44100? i have it at 88200 with 6ms latency should i go to 44100?
  4. padi_04

    padi_04 NI Product Owner

    if your files are 44100, you earn no benefit from setting a higher value
  5. schteve

    schteve New Member

    ok,thanks...and what do you use the other values for? vinyl on live imput?or recording?ect....
  6. drennon

    drennon Forum Member

    what should my latency be at? what is your guys' latency? i think im at 7... and i have one of the best laptops on the market, is that high?
  7. malzfreund

    malzfreund NI Product Owner

    IIRC, in a recent KB article, NI recommended working with 44.1kHz except in two rare circumstances.
  8. scamo

    scamo Administrator Staff Member

    Ean Golden stated in his last video about Traktor 2 you should have a latency below 10. I would guess that 10 is the maximum for professional use.

  9. tomflynn

    tomflynn Forum Member

    As far as latency is concerned, it's a good idea to load up 4 decks, or 2 decks and 8 sample slots, get the fx going, play around a bunch with it all, i.e really push the program to the max, then bring your latency down untill the sound starts breaking up, then raise the latency up again slightly by 1 or 2.
    That way you know how much you can push it.

    Hope that helps.
  10. merderah

    merderah Forum Member

    i use 48000 just for the hell of it

    9.2 on vaio
    4 on thinkpad
  11. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    i was wondering even if the mp3 files are at 44khz but while processing , like efx ,equing it might have a say how high your samplerate are as the processing might be done on a higher sample rate?
  12. Laite

    Laite Forum Member

    In theory the effects might sound a bit better with higher sample rate, as higher the sample rate, the better dynamic in sound. Reverbs might benefit of sample rate increase.

    In practice... my guess is that the difference can't be heard without golden ears and high quality monitors / PA setup.
  13. tunecrew

    tunecrew NI Product Owner

    bit rate, not sample rate, is what determines the dynamic range.

    sample rate determines the frequency range.
  14. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    still i feel it might do a difference, i tried the same song on 44 and 88 equing and efx
    (i have studio monitor) and felt there was a difference (while equing)in sound but than again you cant trust a feeling. it would be intresting to find out it is the case!
  15. Ben Grimm

    Ben Grimm NI Product Owner

    The bit rate is the only part that will have any effect on the sound. By changing the sampling rate to anything other than 44.1, you are only forcing the conversion of every piece of sound that is played through the software to the new sample rate. Its unnecessary and eats up processor power and memory that probably you'd rather have working somewhere else.

    48k is DVD-Audio, so unless your library was ripped from that source, its not going to sound better if the sample rate is converted. 44.1k is the audio CD standard, and as noted before, almost everything you play will be from this format.

    All my audio production, and recording is done at 44.1k/24bit, and the results are clean, clear, loud, and have plenty of range.
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