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The quality audio splitter for TRAKTOR DJ: Pre-listen to your next track for crowd-worthy, flawless mixing on mobile DJ setups.
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Making mixes on the move no longer requires a truck full of flight cases: with Native Instruments’ innovative software you can play premium sets from your laptop or iPad. Paired with high-quality hardware that fits in your pocket, and packed with pro-DJ features – like pre-listening and cueing tracks, for portability – it’s never been easier to just plug and play with TRAKTOR DJ 2.


The ultimate in mobile DJ software, TRAKTOR DJ 2 lets you mix music on the move – whether djing from an iPad, iPhone, or laptop. Choose from various layouts to find the interface that suits your groove, then dive into TRAKTOR’s advanced DJ features, from the super-intuitive sync buttons, which auto beatmatch your tracks, to the innovative FLUX MODE, which lets you chop, scratch, backspin, and experiment without ever losing your playback position. Take more control with TRAKTOR DJ 2’s beatgrid editing or go completely manual to beatmatch the old-fashioned way, nudging and stalling on the digital jog wheels.

Each channel of this dual-track DJ software has a 3-band EQ to control the lows, mids, and highs, as well as an effects function to add a little flair to your mixes. If you’re djing from an iPad, you can enter FREEZE MODE at any moment by hitting the snowflake button. This keeps the track playing but freezes the waveform, breaking the section down into one-beat segments – so you can jump and cut, chopping up vocals, drumbeats, or any sound to carve out your own unique sets.

TRAKTOR DJ 2’s seamless SoundCloud Go+ integration gives you access to a bottomless collection of fresh new tracks, and for those just getting started (or looking for some inspiration), TRAKTOR’s song recommendations can help select the next track for your mix.

The party might be over, but your mix doesn’t have to be. With TRAKTOR for iOS, you can dial in your sound and then hit record to save your session with the built-in Mix Recorder.


Get pro-yet-portable hardware to match the powerful TRAKTOR DJ 2, with the TRAKTOR DJ CABLE. This high-quality audio splitter for TRAKTOR allows for headphone pre-listening, so you can cue up tracks for flawless mixes on the move in the ultimate iPad DJ setup.

The DJ CABLE is Plug-and-Play with TRAKTOR DJ and TRAKTOR PRO 3, making it simple to jump into the mix anywhere, anytime. So whether you’re djing from an iPad, iPhone, or computer, simply connect the splitter to your headphones and audio output, then activate headphone cueing in your software to start mixing like a pro.

Designed by the creators of TRAKTOR, the TRAKTOR DJ CABLE is pro-grade gear for the portable DJ, with silver-plated, oxygen-free copper inside and gold-plated mini jacks for the highest audio clarity possible.

Whether spinning tracks in your bedroom, at a party full of friends, or a warehouse full of dancers, you can craft your mix while on the move with TRAKTOR for iOS and pro-grade TRAKTOR hardware. Build out your booth in style, whether integrating wireless Bluetooth speakers, a local hi-fi system, or one of NI’s hands-on controllers, like the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2.

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