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iZotope’s iconic distortion plugin. Transform your sound with over 600 distortion types and impulse responses.
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When it comes to crafting your sonic identity, our instruments are only the beginning. Our Creative FX portfolio presents near-limitless possibilities for finding your unique sound. From multi-effects processors like GUITAR RIG 6 PRO to quirky creative FX like THE FINGER, Native Instruments delivers all the tools you need to sculpt your sound.


With an impressive selection of amps and effects, revolutionary machine-learning technology, and a brilliantly overhauled interface, GUITAR RIG 6 PRO has all the tools you need to craft amazing guitar tones – and much more. This multi-effects rack is super powerful, simple to use, and packed with a wide variety of amp simulators. From the classic tube saturation of our mid-50s CHICAGO amp to the thrash aggression of our FIRE BREATHER, our diverse amp lineup allows you to sculpt the sounds you want using any audio source.

GUITAR RIG 6 PRO comes fully loaded with 68 powerful effects and a comprehensive range of distortion, overdrive, reverb, delay, and modulation units that can be stacked for huge, immersive sounds. And these effects can be applied to any audio source, which makes them the perfect companion for tracking guitars, sculpting volatile synthesizer sounds, or even sprinkling some grit on a bit-crushed vocal performance. In addition to our newest effects, GUITAR RIG 6 PRO still comes with all 54 of the original must-have creative FX that have been shaping guitar sounds for years – plus an award-winning array of award-winning equalizers, filters, and compressors.

Two of GUITAR RIG 6’s new effects units for music production are the CRUSH PACK and the MOD PACK, which can also be picked up separately. The CRUSH PACK combines three separate plug-ins: BITE, DIRT, and FREAK, which offer distortion, bit-crushing, and frequency shifting for the most creative signal processing possible.

The MOD PACK is comprised of three plugins that bring all-new features to some of the most classic effects out there: chorus, flanger, and phaser. So whether you’re searching for a vintage feel or looking to push your sonic work to the edges of what’s possible, this multi-effect pack gives you all the tools you need.


REAKTOR’S modular multi-effects system offers 35 individual effects for music production, with near-limitless creative FX possibilities. And its unique routing and modulation options deliver a truly molecular approach to building – take any one of the 16 modulation sources and route it to any other parameter to craft entirely new sounds. It’s simple, intuitive, and provides boundless opportunities for creative sound design.

MOLEKULAR breaks the sources down into four categories, each providing its own special twist to your creative FX: LFOs with classical waveforms as well as sample-and-hold operation and wave customization; step sequencers with variable length and step size; trigger sequencers with a dedicated envelope of attack, gate, and release controls; and logic modules to layer new, organic sounds through the combination of other modules.


Derived from Tim Exile’s live setup, our plugins THE FINGER and THE MOUTH offer unique opportunities to sculpt your sound. THE FINGER operates as either a stand-alone instrument or as a plugin with more than 40 creative effects. Playable via any MIDI controller, THE FINGER also houses real-time samplers, filters, delays, reverbs, waveshapers, ring modulators, and more – each with two parameters controlled by a velocity or mod wheel for a vast range of creative FX.

THE MOUTH, on the other hand, is a sound-controlled synth that generates melodies and harmonies from a sound input of your choice. THE MOUTH detects the pitch of an audio signal, auto-tunes it, then uses that auto-tuned signal to trigger the synthesizer. Four generators – Input, Synth, Bass, and Vocoder – are controlled with simple faders, as well as a dedicated fader for the master FX. Combined with the 8 Performance Control knobs, this unique creative FX/instrument hybrid is sure to help you explore uncharted audio territory.

Check out the Native Instruments range of creative FX today and expand your sonic arsenal with the latest, cutting-edge multi-effects processors – engineered for seamless integration with your existing studio setup.

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