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The signature grand piano sound of composer and pianist Nils Frahm – captured in Berlin’s legendary Funkhaus recording complex.
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Crisp, hyper-detailed, and intimate - the musical range of our acoustic piano instruments is a perfect fit for producers, performers, songwriters, or film composers looking for expressive sounds of the eternally emotive piano, from classic to deeply evocative. Meticulously recorded with specially selected gear that honors the authenticity of vintage pianos, grand pianos, and custom artist-made keys, these acoustic keys are rich with flavor, precision, and versatility.


To capture the unique piano sound of composer Nils Frahm, Noire was created directly with the artist himself. The grand piano samples in this instrument were recorded in Funkhaus, its native habitat, and the tonality of each key was uniquely altered by Frahm, achieving the highest level of authenticity possible. It’s a great fit for classical shimmer, colorful pop, or free-flowing jazz, and with the added choice of pure or felt-dampened tone, the tonal and textural possibilities are limitless. This grand piano kit also responds to your real-time creativity with the Particles Engine, which adds musical nuances around your melodies, pushing your compositions further.

Una Corda is a gentle character with big emotions. Sampled from a handcrafted upright piano designed with one string per key, its one-of-a-kind textures are dreamy and complex. Originally built by David Klavins in collaboration with Nils Frahm, the unique tonality of this instrument was captured with extreme realism. Dial up the noise from pedals, fabric preparations, mechanical elements, or the room to make your creations a lived experience. Whether you need to make a gripping soundtrack or atmospheric electronica, the versatile sound of Una Corda will lend your production process undiscovered depth.


The essential sounds of our Definitive Piano Collection are rich, pristine, and dynamic. A bundle that covers three magnificent pianos, their combined tonal range is extensive and hugely versatile - an instant match for classical, contemporary, and everything in between.

The Gentleman is a vintage piano VST. Sampled from a 1908 upright, it delivers a lush, balanced tone that’s great for folk, pop, rock, or blues, and its sonic character adds an intimate, open-hearted dimension to any composition. Recorded from a vintage piano with all its original parts intact, this pristinely captured turn-of-the-century sound will only make your creations more authentic.

The Maverick’s grand piano samples were taken from a vintage 1905 grand piano. Every key lets out a rich yet balanced tone, tweakable by control levels of pedals, damper, string, and hammer sounds. With over 2,500 vintage piano samples and 18 velocity zones, the tonal shimmer of this classic beauty sings with potent realism. 

The grand piano library of The Grandeur is a breathtaking world of vibrant, balanced expression. Sampled from a world-renowned grand piano, its crisp tones fit any mood, from serene to solemn. A great choice for pop, classical, soundtracks, or Latin music - this is the classic piano VST that keeps on giving.

For fans of big, momentous sound, there’s more beyond this classic piano collection. The Giant is an unafraid, larger-than-life instrument, sampled from the world’s biggest upright piano, the Klavins Piano Model 370i. Memorable and daring, it pierces through with passion and directness, making it the perfect fit for leading jazz performances, beefy pop tunes, and uplifting themes. 


The iconic sound of Alicia Keys’ soulful piano was captured in her own studio, and sampled directly from her custom-made Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano. Alicia’s Keys honors the piano’s natural resonance, which results in deeply emotive and authentic tones. This is the instrument that Keys used to deliver her Grammy-winning hits. Reconstructed as voluptuous  grand piano samples, experience the groundbreaking sounds of her sonic legacy.

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