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A curated bundle of essential, on-trend instruments and effects for chart-topping productions. Whether it’s pop, hip hop or drill, KOMPLETE NOW gives you the mainline to radio-ready sound. Check out the included products below.


Our next-generation wavetable synthesizer. Powerful oscillators and effects, flexible semi-modular routing, and an architecture designed for total sonic freedom.


A bespoke version of our cutting-edge drum sampler, with 60 tailor-made kits that are designed to make your rhythm tracks pop, and new kits added every month.


A beautifully-sampled, playable electric guitar, with 150+ patterns, riffs, and arpeggios, tailor-made for contemporary productions.

Session Bassist – Prime Bass

Craft hit-ready hooks and lay down the low end with the power and punch of a legendary electric solid-body bass guitar with over 200 patterns and phrases.


From diving bass lines to hybrid textures, DEFT LINES gives you the hard-hitting sound of cutting-edge drill. Grab muted keys, layered strings, melancholy flutes, catchy plucks, and lots more.


From soaring synths to bold vocal runs, DUETS packs a palette of hybrid vocal and synth elements for ultra-modern pop, hip hop, RnB, and pop productions.


Craft inspiring chord progressions, layer unique sounds, and explore endless sound design options, at the simple roll of a dice.

Session Bassist – Prime Bass

Craft hit-ready hooks and lay down the low end with the power and punch of a legendary electric solid-body bass guitar with over 200 patterns and phrases.


EMPIRE BREAKS gives you old-school breaks captured and resampled from original recordings, for golden-era hip hop flavor.


Get a classic US house sound. From distinctive chords and bass to uplifting pads and keys. FEEL IT is built on samples from the genre’s legendary synths.


Warped keys, detuned plucks, and wonky synths, created with legendary preamps and iconic synthesizers.


Made for creating heavy trap hooks and smoke-soaked pads with a wide palette of classic analog gear, hybrid sound sources, and resampling.


Unlock countless ways to shape your sounds with MOD PACK, our versatile modulation suite including CHORAL, FLAIR, and PHASIS.


A blend of sampled pianos, synthesizers, and mallets, adding creative effects to produce completely new sounds that spark inspiration.


Hazy keys, wavy synths, guitars, and bass all recorded and creatively processed to give a warming lo-fi texture to productions.


The Grammy Award-winning sound of Alicia Keys' very own studio grand piano – perfectly sampled from her playing to capture every nuance and detail.


STUDIO DRUMMER makes authentic drum parts a breeze with three premium drum kits, 3300 MIDI patterns, and over 35,000 samples.


16 iconic analog synthesizers and keyboards, lovingly sampled from the original instruments to bring out the best of their beautiful vintage tone.


An intuitive bitcrushing tool that recreates the warm, crunchy sound of classic hardware samplers.


From added sizzle to full destruction, DIRT brings a spectrum of organic stompbox distortion. Shape your tone with flexible signal routing and blending, and enhance your sounds further with wavefolding.


Transform your sounds with frequency shifting, ring modulation, and radio modulation techniques. FREAK is ideal for bringing lo-fi retro radio character, wild rhythmic sidechaining, metallic timbres, and more.


The do-it-all creative reverb, built to take your sound anywhere across the spectrum from realistic rooms to experimental reflections.


Go beyond sonic sculpting with everything from analog richness to aggressive character. SUPERCHARGER GT lets you saturate your tracks with rich, warm tube compression.


Deceptively simple, but uniquely powerful, this three-knob dynamic tool is your new go-to for taming unruly attacks, or pushing things forwards in the mix.


Our essential delay with streamlined controls, perfect for anything from subtle slapback to dizzying echoes.


BUMP packs 150 MASSIVE X presets of booming bass, earth-shaking subs, and rave-ready rumbles, for festival-fuelled EDM energy. Pair it with the new Bass Enhancer effect for extra-heavy bottom end.


From lush soundscapes to dark and mysterious moods – FADE brings the ambience. Discover 150 presets of shimmering pads, evolving atmospheres, and fluttering arpeggios for immersive, reverb-soaked sounds.


Bread-and-butter sounds for ultra-modern productions. Be inspired with 150 essential MASSIVE X presets for pop and hip hop vibes, including keys, bass, pads, and drums.


Dive into intuitive, modern drum kits and patterns for contemporary hip hop, pop, trap, and R&B productions.

Latest addition

The newest arrival to Komplete Now is Rudiments, a brand new Play Series instrument for intuitive modern drums. Lay the foundations for forward-facing hip hop, pop hits, fresh R&B, and everything in between. Rudiments is built on both organic and synthesized drum sounds processed through outboard gear, with each kit containing 16 patterns.

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No. KOMPLETE NOW is free to try for one month, and if you cancel at any time within that period you won’t pay anything at all. At the end of the trial period, the plan will automatically renew each month. When you are nearing the end of the trial period, we will send you an email eight days before your paid subscription starts.
Operating system:
macOS 10.15 (latest update) or 11.6 (latest update)
Windows 10 (64-bit, latest Service Pack)

Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD CPU (with AVX for Massive X)
Apple M1 CPU (with Rosetta 2 installed)

4 GB (6 GB recommended)

Disk space:
13 GB (21 GB temporarily for installation)*
*at time of release - please note that the bundle grows

Graphics hardware:
Support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher

An internet connection is required to install and activate the products in this collection. Once installed, all products can be used offline - however, you´ll have to open NATIVE ACCESS once per payment cycle to refresh your token. Certain products may require additional free downloads.
We accept PayPal and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).
If you cancel during the trial period, you won’t be charged. There’s no commitment and you can cancel any time.

Once your paid subscription starts, you’re still free to cancel whenever you want. Since you’ll always pay in advance, your subscription will continue to be active until the current billing period expires.

Trials will also continue to work until the current cycle expires.
You’ll receive an additional product each month – this could be a Play Series instrument, MASSIVE X Expansion, or a studio effect plugin. We’ll also add new BATTERY kits every month.

Whenever we add something new to your KOMPLETE NOW subscription, we’ll let you know with an email. In addition, you can also check the “Updates” or “Not installed” tabs in Native Access.
You can install KOMPLETE NOW on up to three computers, but you’ll only be able to use it on one machine at a time.
Once installed, you can use all our products offline, but you’ll have to connect through NATIVE ACCESS once per month to verify your subscription.
Yes, you can — simply drag & drop samples from your browser into BATTERY 4.
Please check out our Knowledge Base for more information.
Terms & conditions
All content offer details are subject to change without prior notice. Cancellation effects depend on your subscription plan.