TIME MASCHINE: 2009 - 2019

Music should be more fun and hands-on. We started out with this simple idea, and our engineers took care of the rest. Ten years later, and MASCHINE’s the studio staple behind Hot 100 hits and bedroom beats the world over – so we figure it’s time for a recap. Step back with us through a decade of iconic MASCHINE moments, from breakthrough innovations to viral videos.


Computers are one of the best things to happen to music, but sometimes it’s good to get away from the screen. Originally code-named “GRVBX”, MASCHINE was an idea we kicked off in 2007 to help you focus on music-making while drawing on the power and flexibility of your computer.
MASCHINE 1.0: On April 1, 2009, MASCHINE Mk1 arrived. The glow of its 16 pads invited you to play. And play you did – but things were just getting started.

"An MPC for the laptop generation? You betcha." – Future Music

"The best example of a hybrid software‑and‑controller instrument I've seen." – Sound on Sound


A generation of finger drummers: MASCHINE’s pads were a hit with finger drummers, resulting in an explosion of deft digited musicians taking up the art. Clocking in at over three million views, check out this video of the original finger-drumming master, Jeremy Ellis on the rooftop of Native’s LA office.

Sampling the future: Supercharged sampling came to MASCHINE with version 1.5, as well as adding classic, lo-fi grit with a choice of vintage sampler emulations – a hit with the hip hop community.


All your instruments and effects: With the addition of VST integration, MASCHINE 1.6 opened up MASCHINE to using any virtual instrument or effect in your track.

Enter Expansions: VINTAGE HEAT and TRANSISTOR PUNCH were the first, and as genres emerged and evolved, over 60 more Expansions would follow in the coming years.

Getting in touch with iMASCHINE: An early player on the iOS platform, iMASCHINE let musicians get down ideas wherever they were. Once at home, they could develop tracks further by importing them into the regular MASCHINE.

Bite-sized beat-making with MASCHINE MIKRO: Affordable, accessible, and with a desk-friendly footprint for space-strapped studios or making beats on the go.

"Maschine Mikro is a really sexy product that allows you to immediately feel the music and create your first grooves." – Audio Fanzine

"Mouse-free, wallet-friendly groove production is the order of the day as Native Instruments miniaturize their Maschine." – Sound on Sound


Kendrick Lamar releases his game-changing album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.

Columbia: Mario Galeano Toro – one half of Ondatrópica and musical mastermind behind the Colombian band Frente Cumbiero took us on a trip through the rich heritage of Colombian music.

We started a supergroup: Yes, you read that right. Featuring hi-tech musicians Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr Jimmy, and DJ Shiftee. ‘Mostly Robot’ performed a jazz-inspired, fully-improvised set at Sonar festival, fueled by MASCHINE.

Beats in color with MASCHINE Mk2 and MASCHINE MIKRO Mk2: The new RGB pads didn’t just look great, but made music creation more fun and intuitive by linking music with color.

"A technicolor dream machine" – Music Radar

"MkII controller looks gorgeous, handles well and binds colour to music in ways that quickly become intuitive." – Sound on Sound


The beat elite: Kanye West and Lauryn Hill producer Che Pope, Jay-Z producer Ski Beats, and other top producers talked to us about why they were making MASCHINE their production tool of choice.

Studio time: With a wealth of controls and dual color screens, MASCHINE STUDIO’s hyper-focused creative experience truly lived up to its name. MASCHINE STUDIO was awarded a Red Dot Design Award that year.

MASCHINE, rethought: The full potential of MASCHINE was unleashed with version 2.0. Rebuilt from the ground up, it came with an overhauled audio engine, an array of new tools like Drumsynths, and refininments the much-loved workflow. It was a reimagining of MASCHINE.

"Maschine 2.0 is the bomb with any controller, but if you can afford it, Maschine Studio is the one to go for. 5/5" – Computer Music


Watch Bryan-Michael Cox create a track entirely with iMASCHINE and MASCHINE STUDIO.

Next stop: The Colombian coast: Producer Mauricio Alvarez took us on a trip from Bogotá to the Colombian coast to explore Carribean culture and discovered a generation of musicians and producers creating new music all of their own.

More connectivity: Full keyboard integration comes to MASCHINE, bringing all of the best bits of KOMPLETE KONTROL, including browsing and Smart Play features.

Mark de Clive-Lowe performs in one seamless flow with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL.


Mexico: A future-focused perspective on Mexican club music was found with our documentary on artist collective and label NAAFI.

Hip hop topics: Iconic hip hop producers Just Blaze and 9th Wonder were joined by Soul Council producer Khrysis, and the legendary Che Pope for a roundtable on beat-making and MASCHINE.

Make music anywhere with iMASCHINE 2: Sample, play, arrange, and mix all from the palm of your hand with our second-generation iOS app.


40 is the Grammy-winning producer behind Drake’s innovative sound. We stepped inside his Toronto studio to get production tips and find out how MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL were the perfect fit for his creative philosophy.

Drake producer Noah ‘40’ Shebib on creating his innovative productions.

Grid power with MASCHINE JAM: The first grid-based controller for MASCHINE. Going from idea to reality was now faster than ever thanks to the sequencing and arranging power of JAM. It quickly found favor with electronic producers as a companion to the regular MASCHINE.

Snackable inspiration: Hacks, tricks, and production ideas in under 90 seconds. The first of six binge-worthy seasons of MASCHINE TruTorials arrived.


Beat-maker and vinyl junkie Sarah, the !llstrumentalist is one of our favorite YouTube creators. On her channel, she shares her music-making experience, using MASCHINE as her primary creative tool.

Explore the thrillingly raw sound of the Principe Discos label in Lisbon, Portugal, as it set its sights on the global stage.

Seattle-based festival-conquerors Odesza lifted the lid on their creative process, using MASCHINE and KOMPLETE to forge their unique sound.

Total non stop creativity with MASCHINE Mk3: Getting in the creative zone and staying there: It’s been MASCHINE’s mission since day one. And everything about MASCHINE Mk3 was designed with this in mind. Arriving with its keyboard counterpart, KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Mk2, this was music-making at its most immersive.

"An all-in-one music-making playground." – the Verge

"The German giant’s definitive software-connected pad controller brings together almost a decade’s worth of ideas." – Computer Music


Audio for all: With MASCHINE 2.7, audio recording, live-looping, and real-time time-stretching arrived for the first time, meaning it was now possible to get even more creative within MASCHINE’s speedy workflow.

Destination: Ecuador. Home to volatile active volcanoes, and also home to some of the most exciting music on the planet. Explore the scene with our documentary, Misho Taky.

Watch as Berlin-based street artist SuperBlast brought his visuals off the street and onto MASCHINE JAM.

MASCHINE MIKRO Mk3: Creating music with a laptop got faster, more fun, and more hands-on. With a new design, improved workflow, and a lower price, MASCHINE MIKRO is currently the best entry point into the MASCHINE world yet.

Remember this one blowing up on Instagram? Beat adventurer junk-E-cat took to the skies to perform on MASCHINE MIKRO.


Flame Orange MASCHINE: To mark MASCHINE’s milestone birthday, we made our hottest hardware yet – limited to just 100 units worldwide, and cast in Flame Orange as a throwback to the very first orange pads of MASCHINE Mk1.

Expansion number 64, and counting: From the soulful vibes of AQUARIUS EARTH to the future-proof electronics of our most recent pack, WARPED SYMMETRY, we’re working with some of the best artists and sound designers in the business to keep your MASCHINE supplied with the freshest sounds around. Which genre would you like to see?


It’s you, our community, that’s made MASCHINE what it is today. Thanks for all the incredible music, and here’s to the next ten years – and beyond.

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