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  1. John Schuyler de Russy
    John Schuyler de Russy
    100$ worth of of expansions, 150+projects, and over 1000 samples in imaschine2… how is this even possible. I’m gonna be sick…
  2. John Schuyler de Russy
    John Schuyler de Russy
    I’m really angry… for some reason, I’m unable to log into my native access account to update my software. That and I just lost over
  3. Alice D
    Alice D DjCacho
    Hey DjCacho and a happy new year! I would be very happy if you could send me your last version of the traktor pro 3 mapping for the Denon mcx8000. Mail: 1faker@web.de
  4. Ryan Kain
    Ryan Kain
    just bought a new maschine mk3, and my DAW is logic pro x. i’m trying to use it with the drum machine designer but it isn’t triggering sound
  5. dazee
    dazee Jeremy @ NI
  6. dkimlaw
    Hello folks
  7. MosDeaf020
    NI Product Owner
  8. J Dun
    J Dun markand
    Hey, any luck with the arrow keys on Guitar Rig 6? Thanks
  9. crazzie
    which one? i sold sasha expansion yesterday, other expansions are still available
  10. crazzie
  11. Rocksitter
    Rocksitter crazzie
    Iam interested in your expansions you have for sale.
  12. E Keith B
  13. chris10
    stil possible to use: xone 92, x1, audio 8, macbook (high Sierra) and scratch ?
  14. E Keith B
  15. Coxati
    Bonjour, je voudrais utiliser mon traktor pro2..version 2.4.6 sur mon macbook air début 2015
  16. tho_schmitz
    NI Product Owner
  17. Christian Colón
    Christian Colón Nico @ NI
    Good day Nico. I'm writing to you in hopes that you could maybe point me to a way of solving an issue. 6 days ago I ordered and paid an upgrade to Komplete Ultimate 13 and have yet to receive an email with access to my product download. It's not available in my products and serials or via Native Access. Thanks in advance for your help.
    1. Nico @ NI
      Nico @ NI
      Hey Christian, due to a large amount of requests we're experiencing a 1 or 2 business day before receiving the download code. It should have land in your inbox by now.
      Dec 27, 2021
  18. Ron Pargett
    Ron Pargett
    Needing Help
  19. Nahum
  20. Iqmusic
    Posting my first message on the N.I!!