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  1. viko1979
    viko1979 Keir @ NI
    Hi Keir
    i purchased 2 expansion last friday and my order still under review
    is there something you can help please?
  2. The Kob
    The Kob
    laptop and mutools, ready to go
  3. tat ala
    tat ala DjCacho
    hello. I would love the new tsi mapping for MCX8000. . Thanks in advance
  4. YogaDollar
    YogaDollar Mick @ NI
    Hi Mick need your e mail address, do I send project file and all sample too?
    1. Mick @ NI
      Mick @ NI
      Sent you a PM!
      Jun 21, 2017
  5. Roineric
    "Natural selection favors the paranoid."
  6. Whodiniz
  7. Whodiniz
  8. Alex Partyz
    Alex Partyz Keir @ NI
    When will the new version of traktor pro 2017????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????7
  9. Nitram707
    New to the community and Midi controllers
  10. walton00
  11. charley hawton
    charley hawton
    Live life, love it!!!
  12. JMärr
    JMärr Maschine
    Hello, I am completely new to maschine Jam . I want to learn everything about creating loops, using pads, assigning sounds, because I want to use it along with my xone 92 for live DJ. what courses or what do you recommend me to do? Thanks
  13. Mantorok
  14. Don D'vil
  15. padobunker
    padobunker sicknote
    Porta pazienza, ma gli out della scheda come devono essere??? Il mixer sul canale ha RCA. Purtroppo non sono afferrato nelle connessioni. Poi la a10 è fuori produzione. Anzi anche le altre. Ora fanno solo la komplete6. Ho guardato altri marchi e ho notato che tutte hanno uscite jack 4.5. non vanno bene giusto?
    Ti ringrazio
  16. adam pudney
    adam pudney
    Constantly baffled by Traktor
  17. chris schneider
    chris schneider DjCacho
    hi my email is

  18. radika
  19. dc3beats
  20. Canis Majoris
    Canis Majoris Mick @ NI
    can i have your mail too please.
    1. Mick @ NI
      Mick @ NI
      Sending you a private message
      May 24, 2017