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  1. rtmdj27
    Don't forget the past and let your ideals act.
  2. hlf
  3. DJ Keith Hards
  4. Paul_Traktor_xone
    Paul_Traktor_xone Ryan0751
    Hi Ryan! refering to your post:My A&H Xone 1D Traktor Template and Map
    how do i implement the mapping?
    i just got a 1D last week & having trouble getting it to work. the traktor ctrl light at top of traktor UI recognizes a signal each time i move a slider/knob on the 1D, & nothing happens at all. tried connecting via usb, also usb/midi, but no movement in traktor but for the top blue ctrl light
  5. heejaec
  6. heejaec
  7. Supercreative
    Steering at MK3 :-)
  8. Schweats
    Schweats David Das
    Hi David, Is it possible to have both the 'Stand-alone' version and D.A.W. version of Kontakt 5 residing on my boot drive and each available for use ? (though not simultaneously)
    I have the stand alone installed and working normally, however, I don't have access to K5 from within Digital Performer v7.24. Is it simply one or the other ? Thanks in advance
  9. Masch1ne
    Ready for MK3
  10. tricade
    there is no comment on XDJ1000 Mk2 sorry. ;(
  11. jimmyvrx
    Ethics, Self-accountability, & Self-control!
  12. Toxcis
    Toxcis DjCacho
    Hi my Name is Chris from Frankfurt/ Germany. I follow your mapping for the Denon MCX 8000 by Youtube and a other Forum. Can you sent my the newest .tsi file, please. To:
  13. DamoSvas
  14. Didjaman
    Hello, my name is Raphaël Didjaman, and I'am a Didgeridoo Player / Maker & Producer.
  15. alpert
  16. Andy McG
  17. Ninth Parallel
    Ninth Parallel stephen23
  18. brianforpresident
    Creating (on average) 1 new multi-genre song every 4 days since 2011 using only MASCHINE! 7+ full albums, and 400+ original songs!
  19. djsafari
    I love music!
  20. Ethan Leo
    Ethan Leo
    I was a cat, now i am a man. Tomorrow astronaut