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  1. ShelLuser
    What bizarre times we live in.... I am now an official Microsoftie ;) $work shipped a Surface Pro X to get work done.
    1. ShelLuser
      This thing is way misunderstood and bias feeds biased reports; this is awesome for what it was intended for. Only problem... I cannot easily run Maschine on it. I'll be active, but I need my drive.
      Mar 28, 2020 at 2:19 AM
  2. MFMouseQuake
    Make Music Live Always...
  3. MFMouseQuake
    MouseQuake™ Audio Engineer | Music Producer, NBSquared Muzik LLC | Skype: mfmousequake
  4. Abstractamcr
  5. COTK
  6. KodiJ
    Need some help with the directories.
  8. ShelLuser
    Finally back home... first thing I did? Get some coffee, but second thing: installing Electric Sunburst Deluxe! Metallica, here I come! :D
  9. KostaSpeed
    Professional Dj and Artist
  10. Step77
    Love your enemies!
  11. konvulsion
    Mac Mini 2014 con SSD 256 GB. MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. Traktor Kontrol S2 (o S2 MK2 según el serial). Tarjeta de sonido audient iD14
  12. Peakin Diamond
    Peakin Diamond
    Not A Happy Camper!
  13. Justin Sysum
    Justin Sysum
    Just getting started.......
  14. BaseTown
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life!
  15. ShelLuser
    That sound and feel when you start using the 4D controller on a new Maschine MkIII.. priceless!
    1. ShelLuser
      The "newness" of my Maschine is slowly fading but I still remember the first time I started to move the 4D knob :)
      Mar 14, 2020
  16. Jodi Curtis
    Jodi Curtis D-One
    Hi D-One, you recently commented on a post regarding pitch modulation (now deleted)

    It would simply use the encoders (or the modulation touchstrip via a pitch/range quantization setting)

    I only reference guitar because it was an example Use-Case. My thoughts were that the workflow would allow you to do this in seconds without drawing.

    It would be good to exchange ideas with you.
  17. Joystik
    Drowning my sorrows in rum after Maschine crashed when trying to export for the 1,000,000th time...
  18. Shivaxi
    Running from Skaarj
  19. Jerby1005
    I can't connect my second hand s4 mk2 to the traktor dj 2 software. Please help!
  20. ShelLuser
    So I had a need for support today, I thought it was funny that I actually 'met' someone (in chat) who's also on this forum :)