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Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by ALDREAD, Jul 25, 2018.



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    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    2.7.7 is out
    what do you think ?

    The currently available software version is 2.7.7
    Please make sure that your installation is up to date.

    System Requirements:
    • MacOS macOS 10.12 or 10.13 (latest update), Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM
    • Windows Windows 7, 8, or 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit only), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4GB RAM
    Maschine Factor Library 1.3.2 - 2018-07-25
    • ADDED Previews for Kits and Sounds

    Maschine 2.7.7 - 2018-07-25
    • ADDED Previews for Group Kits and Sounds
      All Kits and Sounds in the MASCHINE Factory Library now have previews. In order to make them work, you will need to update your Factory Library to version 1.3.2 or newer via NATIVE ACCESS.
    • ADDED "Formant" engine to Audio plug-in
      When transposing the pitch of a loop in the Audio plug-in, the new "Formant" mode will attempt to preserve the formants which can help keep vocals sounding natural. It can help prevent the cartoonish sounds that can occur when transposing up or down.
    • IMPROVED Audio plug-in Loop recording workflow
      The Audio plug-in now stops any previous Take it was playing when recording to a new Take or new Pattern. This prevents hearing the previous Take playing back while trying to record the new Take.
    • IMPROVED Tempo embedded in Audio recordings
      MASCHINE now writes both the Tempo and Loop tags to recordings made with Loop mode. Tempo is written into recordings made in Sync mode. These recordings will therefore always be in sync with the project when loading them into an Audio plug-in.
    • IMPROVED Bouncing and Exporting of Audio
      When you drag a bounced audio file from the Pattern Editor dragger to a Sound Slot or Group, MASCHINE will now load this into an Audio plug-in instead of a Sampler. Additionally, when Bouncing or Exporting loop content from MASCHINE, the Loop tag and Project Tempo will now be written into the files. MASCHINE will read this tempo when later loading this file into the Audio plug-in.
    • CHANGED Pattern Editor workflows
      The number of tools available in the software for editing the Patterns has been reduced due to redundant functionality. Instead of an arrow, a pencil, and an eraser, there is now just a pencil tool which can be toggled on and off. When the pencil is off, the mouse will behave as it did when using the arrow tool (and the mouse will look like a normal arrow in this mode). When the pencil is on, this enables the same pencil/paint functionality as before (and the mouse will look like a pencil when in this mode).
    • IMPROVED Pattern Editor Keycommands
      -W = toggle between "Group View" and "Keyboard View"
      -S = toggle "Sampling View" on/off
      -E = toggle "Pencil/Paint" on/off
    • IMPROVED Count-in Recording
      Can now engage count-in recording from the software while the playhead is moving via Command + Shift + Space (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + Space (Windows).
    • IMPROVED The "Always Use Latest Version of NI Plug-ins" preference now also applies to projects
      If a project was saved using older versions of plug-ins, such as older versions of REAKTOR or KONTAKT, the newest installed versions will be used when loading the project while this preference enabled. If the preference is off, MASCHINE will attempt to load using the versions originally used when creating the project. Additionally, if only newer versions of the required plug-ins are installed on the system, the newer versions will be used even if this preference is turned off.
    • CHANGED MIDI Change and Scene/Section Retrigger locations
      MIDI Change (where you assign MIDI messages for changing Scenes, Sections, and Locks) is now accessed through the Edit menu. Scene & Section Retrigger options are now found at the bottom of the Perform Grid drop-down menu. The "gear" icon in the Global Header where these options used to be accessed has now been removed.
    • FIXED Cubase, and possibly some other hosts, could crash when unloading MASCHINE from a track or when quitting
    • FIXED Crash/hang when changing Audio Interface to ASIO and back to WASAPI
    • FIXED QuickBrowse is not working when pressing the magnifying glass button on the hardware
    • FIXED Audio might not play when switching between Loop mode and Gate mode if there are overlapping MIDI notes
    • FIXED Applying Randomizer disables Audio plug-in for the Pattern
    • FIXED Reverb isn't working at certain sample rates
    • FIXED Single Scene Export is slightly too long
    • FIXED Enabling/Disabling MIDI Ports via MK3 Settings page didn't take effect until opening and closing the Preferences in the software
    • FIXED One of two MASCHINE instances crashing when turning on a connected MASCHINE MK3
    • FIXED Resizing a selection of multiple notes would depend on speed of mouse movement
    • FIXED Displaying the Sampling area would create an undo step
    • FIXED Mouse could sometimes freeze when deleting automation lines via double-click
    • FIXED Automation handles would sometimes freeze when dragging with the select tool
    • FIXED Selected type tags would overlap with the "Types" label when collapsed
    • FIXED When copying note events via Alt + mouse drag, the currently selected note event could sometimes appear behind overlapping notes
    • FIXED Contrast setting in software preferences for Maschine MK2/Mikro MK2 controller was broken
    • FIXED Exported audio loops would sometimes be slightly too long
    • FIXED Audio plug-in would sometimes stop playing when switching between Loop and Gate mode during playback, especially if the Pattern contains overlapping notes
    • FIXED On MASCHINE MK2, the "Browse" screen would look incorrect when pressing "Shift"
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  2. wetdentist

    wetdentist NI Product Owner

    i keep waiting for that stuff NI said was almost ready, to entice us into buying the Jam, almost 2 years ago. this should go down as the greatest bait & switch of all time in the world of music production
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  3. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

    Lots of bugs fixed which is always a good thing imo.

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  4. D-J-K

    D-J-K NI Product Owner

    all I can say is meh . The words "Sequencer" nor "arranger" appear nowhere in this update.....weak
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  5. poet666d

    poet666d NI Product Owner

    Thanks NI.

    The previews are great, especially as I didn't have to download 8GB to have them. Cheers!

    Is there a way when in browser mode though to stop pad 1 playing the preview?
    I'm used to scrolling through the kits and manually previewing them, bit odd to have pad 1 play the whole preview.
    Not the end of the world, but would be nice if I could make it not do that.

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  6. SupremeSoulstice

    SupremeSoulstice NI Product Owner

    Nothing to unpack mine from out of my closet. As mentioned earlier, atleast there’s a lot of bug fixes.
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  7. D-One

    D-One Well-Known Member

    Although not the major update everyone is waiting for I do like all the small additions.
    Aldred411 I edited your post because without formatting it was hard to read hope you don't mind.
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  8. Steve Mosher

    Steve Mosher NI Product Owner

    Im still waiting too.
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  9. District Onagi

    District Onagi NI Product Owner

    It's good to see bug fixes, so that is a positive for sure. However, we are still missing a lot of features in these updates though.

    I don't know why NI can't hire some ninjas to steal warp makers and time stretching from Ableton already. Sheesh
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  10. Kaldosh

    Kaldosh Well-Known Member

    Yes I was thinking an advanced time stretching a la Ableton.. I was dreaming of a way using the slicing mode, turning it into warp mode and be able to move the markers to fine warp the loops with the knobs.... Would be a killer feature for advance editing, I like to have complete hand on the groove of my loops using warp....
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  11. rudynicoletti

    rudynicoletti NI Product Owner

    Actually I’m still waiting for start and end points in audio tracks..
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  12. Dallon426

    Dallon426 NI Product Owner

    Any improvement is good. But...... C'mon guys. Give us what we want. An updated Sequencer:) Ability to record audio tracks.
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  13. Retro-8

    Retro-8 NI Product Owner

    Its not like NI have to invent the wheel. Don't look too far , and look at twisted tools sequencer for example ultra loop , its honestly way , and way ahead of Maschine's basic sequencer right now and that is not even a new invention.....please NI ...
  14. Magnuzoid

    Magnuzoid New Member

    After updating my MacOS to 10.13.6 the other day, I'm glad there was an update.. just had a performance where the Maschine software was stalling my computer after 20 mins. of playing (had to close and restart everything 1 or 2 times during :x), but I was actually looking for info on this in the release notes, so hopefully next time I open Maschine it won't take ~90% cpu power :)
  15. NTRLX

    NTRLX NI Product Owner

    Hard to find out why business decided not to release the unfinished Ableton Live integration. Imagine you released a car on the market with unfinished cockpit software or similar and you just decided clients do not get it or they will anytime in future. Yeah, really nice.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  16. OGTracks

    OGTracks NI Product Owner

    Good. They took care of some of the bugs. Let's see what happen next, a lot of expectations by this community.
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  17. Steve Mosher

    Steve Mosher NI Product Owner

    You are right, they did fix a lot and we as users expect a lot! I need to quit crying about what I want and thank the teams for what we got.
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  18. scheffkoch

    scheffkoch NI Product Owner

    ...you don't need to quit crying..."they" wrote the open letter some time ago...
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  19. OGTracks

    OGTracks NI Product Owner

    lol I know you probably has seem how critical I have been with that don't get me started. its almost the weekend :D
  20. wetdentist

    wetdentist NI Product Owner

    morgendugg said:
    I am sold if we can capture the performance in the new Maschine "song layer"!!!

    oh the weeping & gnashing of teeth. it's so unfair! (above quoted section comes from SEPTEMBER 8, 2016)
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