2018 and up Mac owners and T2 chip issues

Discussion in 'Computer Technology and Setup' started by Zefrog, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Zefrog

    Zefrog New Member

    Hello friends. I'm about to get a Imac (for music production obviously) and have a little concerne with the audio issues that have been reported regarding the T2 chip present in all macs since last year.
    One of course only hears about the people having problems on the internet, but I imagine many others have been fine...?
    I would be curious to know what kind of experience, good or bad, you've had on your recently acquired macs regarding this issue.
    Also for those having had trouble, did the recent update solve the problem or not ?
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  2. Simchris

    Simchris NI Product Owner

    Main issue with the t2 chip macs is with usb2 devices, but fix is coming.
  3. AngelArs

    AngelArs New Member

    This may also be related to system power management, and not the T2 chip. Some users have reported successfully disabling it to resolve the problem.
  4. Russellmus

    Russellmus New Member

    After the most recent MacOS update, my audio issues on my 2018 MPB are all gone. Previously I had the crackling issue not long after launch, and since the update that fixed that, I had the occasional teeny tiny audio skip.

    But now everything seems perfect. :D
  5. Captain Blasto

    Captain Blasto NI Product Owner

    I'm not sure if this is related to the T2 or not, but frequently when I load up Maschine with my audio playing through the Mac speakers, then route it to headphones, I will encounter severe audio artifacts when I trigger sounds with the pads. Other apps aren't affected, only Maschine. If I quit and relaunch, sometimes it fixes it and other times it does not. Sometimes I just kind of have to play through it until it sorts itself out. It's really odd but I think it's a Maschine bug and not related to the Mac hardware since I don't encounter this in Logic, Ableton, etc.