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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Friedemann @ NI, Mar 12, 2020.

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    most of you will have received the newsletter announcing the public release of version 3.3.0 on Native Access by now.
    I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have contributed to make this release happen on behalf of myself and of the TRAKTOR team.

    Thanks to your help, version 3.3.0 seems to be the most stable version in a while. After roughly 5k sessions since yesterday's release we observe the least amount of crashes per session both on Mac and Windows - even outperforming the mighty version "2.11.3". So we hope this version will contribute to your success and fun as a DJ and potentially be a good companion in times of travel restrictions.

    We intend to pursue the good experience with this public beta test very soon in this forum. The next goal for us - version 3.4.0 - will focus on browser improvements. We already have the first feature in alpha and will bring it to this group most likely within the end of the month.

    By adopting our public betas early you contribute to the overall stability of TRAKTOR and by ging us feedback about specific issues that you encountered, you increase our velocity to fix them and to move forward to the next feature.

    So, have a good time enjoying TRAKTOR Pro 3.3.0
    Talk soon! Friedemann and the Team
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  2. tricade

    tricade NI Product Owner

    Like the way !!! Thanks guys
  3. gillster11

    gillster11 NI Product Owner

    Brilliant work keep it up and like the way yous are doing things now so hopefully new features added streaming etc
  4. Scratch-E Con

    Scratch-E Con NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the update guys. Being transparent about 'what's next' will definitely be appreciated by all the forum members!

    For now I will enjoy the moment with Traktor 3.3.0. Keep up the good work!
  5. Dysfunk DJ

    Dysfunk DJ NI Product Owner

    Loving this approach and yes it is very stable.
  6. flashero

    flashero New Member

    Thank you very much!. Could it be posible, to make the browsers, for the screen controllers independent, and not a clone?, it would be really usefull for B2B sets.

    Best regards!
  7. mr.Positive

    mr.Positive NI Product Owner

    Good job, i do enjoy changes and method of working with betas.
    If next chapter is about browser, i would like to point to topics about browser. I do hope thats not wrong place to post about it now
    - First not feature but seems like people agree https://www.native-instruments.com/...ility-of-tracklist-vs-t2.342207/#post-1717261
    - Second about key coloring, we do need more options via checkboxes https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/adjacent-keys.357365/#post-1799469
    - Third one is graying out already played tracks.
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  8. peesdee

    peesdee NI Product Owner

    Many thanks for the update and all your support guys.
    After installing v3.3.0, deck displays on my S4 MK3 was gone. No lights at all on both displays.
    Somebody experimenting the same?
  9. Mr_Mello

    Mr_Mello New Member

    Good work so far. Gonna test with the XDJ 1000 mk2 soon.

    Is there a plan to mature Traktor DJ 2 for PC / Mac instead of trying to add more features to the Traktor Pro?

    N/M I saw the beta test request in the forum for that version. My email sent. Why not do beta testing the same as for Traktor Pro instead of selecting testers?
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  10. Chris Yakubovsky

    Chris Yakubovsky New Member

    Not sure what happened but after I updated to the newest Traktor software, my s4 mk3 is no longer able to connect. The in port just says na / none. I can't change it to anything else. I saved my tsi and redid the set up, nothing. Re imported the map, nothing. Made sure all software and drivers are updated via native access, nothing. Plus my F1 isn't connecting either. Idea ?
  11. Matt72422

    Matt72422 NI Product Owner

    I just updated to Catalina and there is a lot of information or mis information on how to point to the new music library? What is most current way to do this? Should I update to 3.3.0?
  12. flashero

    flashero New Member

    Hi @Friedemann , any news on that beta?, as we are most (to not say all) the time at home now.

    Best regards
  13. DJ-Andre

    DJ-Andre NI Product Owner