80% Off: Cinematic Bundle by unEarthed Sampling

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    Deal Page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2
    Deal Ends: September 1st 2019

    Brand new deal from unEarthed Sampling featuring
    • Siege Drum,
    • Esper Synth,
    • Hammer-On,
    • Spaceology and
    • Stealth Wind.
    Built for the full retail version of Kontakt, these sounds are a wellspring of inspiration and will become an instant go-to for your next cinematic projects. Offer ends soon, don't miss out! See signature below for details.

    Key Features
    • 5 Unique Cinematic Sound Design Libraries
    • Siege Drum – Cinematic and EPIC Medieval Drum Multisamples
    • Stealth Wind – Cinematic Shakuhachi Flute
    • Esper Synth – Bladerunner infused pads, leads, and perc
    • Spaceology – Orbital Sound Module
    • Hammer-On – Cinematic Ambient Electric Guitar Multisamples
    • All Available for Kontakt (full version)
    Click here to listen to demos on SoundCloud

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