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    I made this list an an overview of my future requests for Maschine. As when I get new idea's I sometimes forget my previous requests.

    1. Auto-save option:
    I am currently using an auto-key presser (Autokeyboard from MurGaa) as it saved my projects numerous times when it crashed...
    I know I can't undo the steps after it is saved, but I'd rather undo few steps manually then rethink what I did the last few hours on a project to redo it.

    Possibility to hear every sample midway instead of trigger based. I use synth recordings that can be 32-64 long... That is really a lot of time you have to hear the same loop from start to finish just to hear what you changed at the end with some FX plugins.
    It is not the same as using the audio plugin instead of the sampler plugin, as you can still pianoroll with the sampler (and many other things). I want to be able to hear my sample halfway through WITH the sampler
    -THIS ONE EATS MY TIME WHEN WORKING ON A SONG, listening to 16-32 bars just to hear if the last part sound good now with the added FX.

    3. Track Freeze:
    Possibility to freeze tracks (everyone knows logic's freezing), but in this case scene and pattern freeze loops (like drum part 1 frozen but drum part 2 not or something)
    As it would play your scene from a temporarily sample recorded from the drum loop and delete's the sample after you disable freeze).
    I'm not as much in a CPU struggle, but oh I remember when I first started producing on my macbook (cpu throttle sounds magnificent).
    -This can off course be dodged with sound printing. But freeze would be great!

    4. Bounce to cloud:
    Possibility to bounce project directly to something like Soundcloud. Also much more bounce options. Sometimes I just want a quick mp3 file to send an idea. (I use mediahuman audioconverter now to do this, free :) )

    5. Better automation options:
    It is currently a horrible experience to automate or change automation on Maschine. The worst thing for me is that when I draw automation with auto on 1 scene, it drops the volume of the other scenes to the starting automation volume of the scene I AUTO'd automation on. So I have to manually adjust the volume on every other scene when I draw automation for just 1 scene.
    Also, having an option to just draw your own automation like you can on any DAW, or adjust it with more ease would be a lovely thing.
    On Maschine it feel like I'm having a brawl with Maschine when I working on automation.

    6. Integrated tutorial:
    An in the program worked out tutorial. A possibility to have a hovering option over certain things with information on how to do things, with the software already detecting which hardware you use with the appropriate info on how to do the things you do with your specific hardware.
    Arturia has done this very well!
    -Imagine an interactive tutorial series where you have to create stuff with step by step added things to the "tutorial program" like you have with syntorial.

    7. Possibility to choose which project to launch:
    Possibility to right-click the Maschine logo on Mac to choose which project to load. (like with Logic Pro X)

    8. Project base pitch:
    Possibility to adjust the base pitch of every internal plugin to your own base pitch. For instance, A= 440 or 432 or 448.
    This would adjust every Maschine library sample to the adjusted base pitch (like in Kontakt) and on all NKS ready plugins and all the "patches" you can select when scrolling through the preset library.

    9. Sample morphing:
    Possibility to pick different takes and morph them (like 30% sample on 70% Sample 2); Like wavetable morphing. But bigger.

    10. Scene overlapping:
    Possibility to make patterns that overlap 2 different scenes. //// This is implemented! Clips

    11. MIDI I/O autosaved:
    I currently have to tag out MIDI inputs every time I open up Maschine. So everytime I open up Maschine I have to tag out my synthesizer and drum computer as MIDI Input devices.

    12. Permanently visible knob info for samples:
    A small but interesting change that could be done with Maschine MK3 in sampling mode.
    The info about the buttons on the second screen appear/disappear when you touch/don't them.
    It is cool that it reacts to finger touch. But annoying that the info what each of the 2 buttons do disappear when not touched.
    It would be handy if these could stay lit up forever. Or given the option to appear disappear / permanent in options

    13. Advanced audio record routing options:

    Give an option that you can choose for instance=
    when I want to record something on A, I always want to use input stereo 1L+R
    When I want to record something on B, I always want to use input stereo 2L+R
    When I want to record something on C, I always want to use input stereo 3L+R

    Now I constantly have to choose which input I'd like to record when I switch from synthesizer.

    After I would select my input, (for instance when on A1) and I have an option in options I can select preferred recording options to choose how.

    14. Live Mode (time to play for some people):

    A lot of options are disabled (for safety reasons), when switching loops it switches at the end. And more features to use your Maschine project as a live project.

    A Maschine Jam MK2 would be an instant buy for me if:
    - Option to plug in for increased brightness (hard to see dim/non-dimmed tracks right now in a bright area).
    - Touch sensitive pads. Because why not?
    - Faders instead of touch strips the touch strips can sometimes not feel smooth to automate volume, like it can jump instead of gaining smoothly. Or even motorized faders. That would be premium. Touch strips are fun in a way, but to mix volume with faders is the real deal.
    - Having non shift buttons for undo/redo & co
    - Add screens to the Maschine Jam with focus on what you do on the Jam.
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    Absolutely. And I am thinking of the touch-strip which could be used to navigate through the sample.
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