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Solved A61 mod wheel sending midi when not being touched (KH1062-274)

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by decredis, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee Well-Known Member

    Well it’s only a guess but the symptom could change depending on differences in components etc. as mentioned it’s something you tend to find in older work gear as the internal carbon tracks deteriorate and carbon dust crosses the tracks and clogs the contactors. If it happens with a number of units from different setups connected to different PCs then it has to be with the unit.
  2. JP7880

    JP7880 New Member

    I was waiting to update my situation until the problem was resolved, but seeing that some of you are aware, I will summarize.

    My A49 traveled to the repair center in Germany, it took two exact weeks to return to my home (Spain), they followed the same process described by Kaotik78, to replace my unit, with a completely revised one, with a white label covering the serial number........

    But when My A49 arrived and i have performed the test, i could see astonishedly, that the problem persists in the Modwheel. o_O

    I have contacted NI again, this time it took more than a week to answer me, but finally they have responded asking me for patience, since they have been able to replicate the issue, and they know it is a Hardware fault, which they think can be fixed with a Firmware update.

    They promised to keep me informed.

    I hope we have news soon, I will keep you informed too.
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  3. whitewasteland

    whitewasteland New Member

    Hi everyone, another A61 user experiencing the same issue here ;)
    I hope NI can find a solution soon.
  4. Nedvio

    Nedvio New Member

    Unbelievable. I have the same PROBLEM! What is going on?!:eek:
  5. xgman

    xgman NI Product Owner

    I had a pedal set to the exp/mod and that was my issue with phantom midi activity.
  6. exstra

    exstra New Member

    I am having the same issue with my A25. I had phantom midi signals coming from the knobs on my first A25 and they sent me a new device.

    Now I'm testing the new device and I have the exact same problem again -- random control change signals being sent by the knobs without me touching it. Any advice?

    Edit: It happens now with the mod wheel as well...
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  7. ScareCrow

    ScareCrow New Member

    I had a similar problem with midi cc. Friend suggested that there was dust in a modwheel so I turned it upside down and slapped it slightly. To my surprise it got fixed. Not confirmed but you can try it as well.
  8. AngeloP

    AngeloP New Member

    i have the same problem on a new Komplete A61.
    weel send CC Data without doing something.
    Latest firmware is on it.
  9. sound609

    sound609 NI Product Owner

    Same issue here on my A61. Part of me is just happy to have finally realized what was causing weird stuff happening in the middle of recordings. In Logic I can go into the event list and delete all Mod wheel events and the recording is then fine. Would never use this thing live though.

    Still no word on Firmware to fix this?
  10. braaad

    braaad New Member

    Same issue. Komplete Kontrol A61.
  11. PLLM

    PLLM New Member

  12. Shaggy

    Shaggy NI Product Owner

    I'm having this issue also on A49

    Modwheel is sending signals on its own, when at rest
    In 0 or 127 is does not have an issue, but if the wheel is in between those values, it will begin sending messages
  13. Crucial01

    Crucial01 New Member

    Honestly this is ridiculous...just bought mine about a month ago and was wondering wtf was happening to my sounds and now of course after the return period has ended i find out about this. This is such a basic and essential part of this keyboard how have they not figured out or solved this issue yet wtf. Anyone have any updates?

    Side note were any of the knobs on your Komplete Kontrol like super loose straight out of the box? Im starting to wonder if I got a returned product or a lemon.
  14. Stanislav Zalevskyi

    Stanislav Zalevskyi Active Member

    Same issue. Komplete Kontrol A61.
  15. fallharbor

    fallharbor New Member

    I'm so happy and yet frustrated to find out I'm not the only one with this issue. Has anyone recieved any information on a fix?
  16. Trond Hindenes

    Trond Hindenes New Member

    Just received my A61 today, and 2 of the 8 control knobs randomly reset themselves to zero. Whish I'd seen this thread before I bought my unit.
  17. Jeremy @ NI

    Jeremy @ NI Support Team NI Team

  18. Jeremy @ NI

    Jeremy @ NI Support Team NI Team

  19. Jaheid19

    Jaheid19 NI Product Owner

    This is definitely a keyboard issue. This happens on my KK A25 as well from time to time. Ive had to use my Maschine a lot more
  20. Mykhailo VR

    Mykhailo VR New Member

    I'm about to buy a used A49 or A61. So, do I get it right that since the issue is quite reproducible by many owners, I either have to double-check the unit before buying or it's even better to choose a new one to at least have an easy way to return/replace the device if it's faulty?

    The used item is 30% cheaper than a new one. It's out of the warranty already, but stated to be almost not used (hopefully that's true). The owner is not aware of any issues with the wheels, but he might just be not aware of it if he really did not use the device much.
    Would appreciate comments and/or opinions if it worth going with a used one.

    Basically, I'm new to MIDI keyboards at all, and can't play the piano yet. My goal is to dive into that world and start producing music with VST instruments. I used to produce with real guitars and a quite simple drum machine years ago, so want to get up to speed with a modern way to create music :)