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Absynth 6 feature suggestions

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Dominus Sacerdus, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Dominus Sacerdus

    Dominus Sacerdus New Member

    Hi, I think Absynth 5 is a pretty perfect tool by itself, but after discovering it's limitations I have come up with a list of ways to enhance the whole thing even more and include some features from other synths such as Serum.

    1. What I think wave editing window really lacks, is an ability to additionally draw custom parabolical curves, and maybe exponential.
    2. In the wave window, there are modulating options, to add a wave form, to FM it, to filter, etc. but there was no AM. I think it should not be very difficult to implement, to add multiply signal function.
    3. I have figured that Image-line Morphine is way more efficient in importing files to create custom wave, and I think one of the main difference in quality is because they use 128 harmonics the sound quality is so much more natural. I think it would be nice if the spectrum had this additional feature to choose the number of harmonics (64 or 128), and to use scrolling for the upper end.
    4. In the wave window, when loading a waveform by importing audio, there are no options to choose a particular "grain" i.e. loop-start and loop-end positions (or perhaps some more complex algor, which makes it difficult to make a custom wave that resembles enough the original sound. Also more built-in custom waves would be great.
    5. Perhaps it has already been mentioned many times, but I think it would be great to have a formant, or even fully customizable filters, (something like mini-EQ) with modulation on the anchor points. At least it would be nice, if a user could choose from butterworth, chebyshev, moog and other filter shapes. Just throwing some idea, say this filter would be able to function at the same time as LP, HP, AP and comb filter with some additional formant characteristics (multi-peaked EQ sort), while the whole thing could moved by LFOs.
    6. I think it would add more color to Absynth to have as an additional feature, a custom unison spread mode, as in Serum, which would allow to manually set the detunement of each unison oscillator, an amplitude curve amongst voices, phase spread and various custom slight changes for the oscillator of each particular unison voice. FM8 has up to 64 unison oscillators, I wonder if that would bulk up the CPU to put more voices. Perhaps some massive unison mode can be implemented via fourier transform.
    7. As have been mentioned already, I wonder if the wave morphing could be implemented in a wavetable of waveforms rather than only 2. Perhaps 4 or 8 would be a reasonable, if 64 can't be implemented as in PPG synths. (Or perhaps I have missed the whole point of Absynth, and should use Reaktor instead, LOL).
    8. I don't know how difficult it would be to implement loading sf2,but that would definitely bring Absynth on a different level.
    9. Custom number of modules in the patch window would be great, although 3 channels are just fine, I think. Perhaps the Effect section could be seperated into 3 effects in series: A. Chorus.B. Delay (echoes, multitap) C. Reverb (Resonators, pipe).
    10. This one is interesting, I am not sure how it can be implemented. Ability to load audio plugins as inserts, such as chorus, in the middle of audio path, aka before master patches and Effect.

    I hope this helps, many thanks to NI team for an absolutely great VSTi as an Absynth,
    11. 4 instead of 2 patch oscillators in each channels. I just came up with a thought, that since each oscillator, in the most mods, such as double, RM, and FM has "main" and "mod" tabs for a seperate wave generator. My idea is to create "main", "mod1", "mod2" and "mod3", to allow "quadraple" as well as custom RM, PM and FM algorithms, to allow morphing and modulations between the 4 oscillators for each channel.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2015
  2. funky primate

    funky primate Forum Member

    I think they should update the UI and make it more modern with better graphics.
    I think that all absynth UI design should be updated for that matter especially the envelope section since that is the meat of the synth and the most difficult. Plus would be great if someday they could allow multiple fx per patch.
    They should get rid of the spectrogram as its useless and update it with a real spectrogram like the one used in IRIS 2 .
    Yes, I vote for better wavetable options too.
  3. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    -Improved envelopes with fourier shapes.
    -When changing the sliders/knobs, show the value of the control somewhere so we don't have to guess where it's at.
    -Add randomization LFO's.
    -Add an ARP.
    -Make sure the new version of Absynth is compatibile with Kore (we want Kore back into production!)
    Last edited: May 30, 2016