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    1. Advanced Output Routing

    I use 2 sound cards with Mac OS. Unfortunately I cannot assign the Main Output & Booth separately. I would hope that these outputs can be assigned individually. So that I can choose between my tractor S4 MKIII and Soundcraft UI24. Appel itself offers the creation of a sound source with several sound cards, but Traktor only gives the Main & Booth as an output.

    2. Collection-Tree

    It's possible to add an secound tree window? Only the folders are shown in the first tree. In the second tree, the playlist for the selected folder from tree 1. This would improve the overview tremendously for me. I find it annoying when many folders are open that I have to scroll down the whole tree. A color function similar to that of the track marker would also be an advantage. I could imagine that you can activate the times tree separately, who really needs it. I have over 200 playlists and mixes across genres.

    The playlist also has an error:

    Mistake 1: If you create a folder, playlist or rename it, the tree jumps up. This seems to be related to updating the tree, but is very annoying if you have a large number of folders and playlists. After that you have to search for the folder again and again. The error also occurs when you drag a song to a folder and use it to create a new playlist.

    Mistake 2: If you drag and drop a song into a playlist and use it to move the playlist down, but then drop the song back into the original playlist, the tree also snaps back to the top position. The same thing happens if you just drag and drop the song and drop it into the same playlist.

    3. Lightcontroling

    I use DasLight 4 for light control and Resolume Arena for video control.

    I am currently switching the scenes and videos on my machine Jam. I would like Traktor to do this. The tracks are divided into intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridges. Matching genres can be linked to each song part (like a second track under the Deck. So that there are suitable variations of chorus, verse, bridge etc. and these can also be assigned to the appropriate genre. Via the ID3 tag, Traktor knows which chorus belongs to which genre.

    For example: Chorus 1 (Techno), Chorus 2 (Black Music), Chorus 3 (Trance) .... Verses 1, 2, 3,

    The part itself get a midi note, which it then sends to the corresponding software and activates the scenes or videos.

    At least that would be a start towards lighting control. Later it would be nice if Traktor could do it completely. Video, DMX and via ArtNet matrix & pixel effects.

    4. MashUp Mixmode

    Virtuel DJ has added a feature that allows you to remove song elements from the track. So you can e.g. just run the vocals and remove the bass drum and synths. I would also like such a function for traktor.

    5. Remote Control

    I would like to mingle with my guests and control them via Apple or Android and select tracks.
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