After updating K10 to K11 : Do i need the old K10 Install-HDD anymore?

Discussion in 'Computer Technology and Setup' started by Arne Stuemges, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Arne Stuemges

    Arne Stuemges New Member

    Hello All,

    I received a new K11 install HDD after ordering an update for my K10.

    Can i delete the old K10 Install-HDD and reuse it for storing standard PC data?

    Thanx for your help in advance

  2. solger

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  3. rrichard63

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    Two things to consider:

    (1) Is there anything in K10 that isn't also in K11? (I don't think so, but I would check before deleting my K10 hard drive.)

    (2) Is there anything in K10 that someday you might want to roll back to an earlier version? Some earlier releases are kept in the downloads areas, but others are not. Example: at one point I started thinking about importing and exporting instruments between Kontakt and other formats. But by then I had already deleted my copy of Kontakt 4.1.3, the last release before the .ncw file format made life complicated for translator software. I found 4.1 and reinstalled that along side Kontakt 5, so I'm not completely out of luck. But it's not perfect.

    Whether a situation like (2) will ever happen to you depends a lot on your technical interests and inclinations. For most musicians, it would not be a problem.

    Hope this helps,
    Bob Richard
  4. Aymara

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    Reaktor 5 ???
  5. SkyLark

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    For peace of mind I'd just keep the HDD as is just in case, HDD space is so cheap these days anways, it's not like a gold mine is laying there :D.
    There's always some dumb program or saved file that will only work with a previous version or sample so it's nice to have it in case