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Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by res308, May 21, 2009.

  1. ozricman

    ozricman NI Product Owner

    1 midi cc
    2 midi cc
    3 midi cc
  2. binbin

    binbin New Member

    1. Reset Macros using hardware buttons rather than double-clicking on Macros dials
    2. Kore Morphing feature
    3. Multicore support or Individual Pad Freeze

    Thanks NI
  3. jeffo

    jeffo NI Product Owner

    So far I don't see it on here, and after losing myself in Maschine (as it's designed to do), I missed saving and it crashed! an hours worth at least...

    1. AUTOSAVE!
    2. thanks for timestretch!
    3. i can't think of any other feature. nothing messes with flow like losing work.

  4. Pssngr

    Pssngr Forum Member

    1) Above all else, we need multicore/efficient CPU from the app. I keep getting half way through a track and then it'll all fall down, no matter what the buffer is.

    2) Sidechain. I like experimenting with sidechaining all sorts of different things. Multicore will be kind of hand in hand with this because it would bring the app in it's current form to its knees.

    3) Full MIDI so we can use Chord/ARP's etc and route different instruments of Kontakt etc.

    That would be bliss. I'd pay for this kind of update.
  5. Big Mister Doom

    Big Mister Doom New Member

    1 - MIDI - Drag and Drop MIDI files into Maschine to create a sequence. From either hosts or OS.

    2 - MIDI - More complete MIDI access in plug in mode. Channels, CC's etc. Its a pain to have to use Ableton to play an external synth using the pads

    3 - Side Chain inputs
  6. psychoxkps

    psychoxkps NI Product Owner

    PLEASE scales&chords reference like in fruity loops.. please!
  7. Newer

    Newer Forum Member

    1.) Muli-core support (this is a must).

    2.) Dedicated mixer page (controllable by hardware of course).

    3.) Automation of chokes and mutes and global tempo (this is also a must that I have found ways to work around).
  8. psychoxkps

    psychoxkps NI Product Owner

    1. multicore
    2. more daw-like
    3. my little wish for effect what can by synced lfo manipulate volume..:(
  9. abod

    abod New Member

    Rewire Master/slave mode

    Mixer section, with an audio mastertrack that records external and internal sounds at the same time, in song mode.

    Full midi , like being able to record automation from external synths.
  10. lx3r

    lx3r Forum Member

    You are trying to project linear-editing to a loop based system. It even shows on how you order your scenes (played from left to right). So your idea fails when you stop using it as a linear-editing tool, but as a loop-system where scenes can be played in any order. (personally the reason why I use machine is because it is nonlinear and really dislike the old DAWs )
  11. FastGraph

    FastGraph NI Product Owner

    Be more like Kore for live environments...

    Load multiple projects using tabs (like browser tabs) Projects can be turned on / off with a button on the tab just like loading a bunch of performances in Kore after saving them as sounds.
    Tabs that are turned off should not have any influence on CPU or RAM just like in Kore.

    This is the one feature I miss in Maschine. Right now I'm still using my MPC (just for sequencing) and Kore (as vst/au host) during live shows. Maschine is running from inside Kore but the ideal way would be to ditch the MPC and run Kore from within Maschine.

    Shouldn't be too hard to implement cause NI already did it in Kore.
  12. manuelmsalazar3

    manuelmsalazar3 New Member

    1. better sample editing (manually be able to place start & end points)
    2. more outputs on hardware to be able to plug in multiple instruments
    3. fix the bug that makes my maschine mikro crap out and freeze 30% of the time I use it. I'm running it on the latest update too.
  13. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner


    when you Machine freezes that must be an other hard or software issue
    so your point 3 allready exists.

    Uwe :)
  14. JazzMasta

    JazzMasta New Member

    My wishlist

    1. UNDO last record take.
    Let's say I've laid a hihat part to an existing part and I'm not happy. I want to be able to undo that WITHOUT undoing every single hit. There should be an undo for the last complete take.

    2. Clear all event for a sound.
    Extend the clear functionality so that you can clear all events for the selected sound.

    These to are essential functions for quick workflow.

    3. Scales for keyboard mode.
    Add some different scale modes to the keyboard mode. Chromatic is kind of limited in range. At least add minor and major scales.
  15. saintjoe

    saintjoe NI Product Owner

    erase+select+pad will erase the events for a specific sound :)
  16. JazzMasta

    JazzMasta New Member

    Thanks! I've been looking for that one!

    I think I'd better re-read the user's guide.. :lol:
  17. will-sm

    will-sm New Member

    1. Customizeable VST labels and scale ( rather than %)
    2. Mixer view, maybe lock main mixer to computer screen
    3. MultiCore Support
  18. SeasonBeats

    SeasonBeats New Member

  19. redrub

    redrub New Member

    Great feature would be...

    ...additional i/o options for external midi ports...especially using other daw for e.g sidechaining, synth layering, or the possibility to do live sessions via copperlan syncing...
    that would be awesome!
  20. dpnlife

    dpnlife New Member

    Update iMaschine ,Update iMaschine, Update iMaschine with a simple editor, color changing pads and import and export from SoundClound" NI
    you could dominate!