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Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by res308, May 21, 2009.

  1. ekerstein

    ekerstein New Member

    Couldn't agree more. This is very frustrating at the moment.

    2) Allow automations to be drawn linearly -- not just as points.

    Just those two is all I need.
  2. Brain Distortion

    Brain Distortion New Member

    1. tempo detection for samples
    2. timestrech
    3. same as above
  3. 33tetragammon

    33tetragammon NI Product Owner

    1) Macro controls to which you can assign unlimited parameters, set ranges, mod maps, and incorporate Kore's Sound Variations into the Macros as well.
    2) Suppose i use something like a Reaktor sequencer instead of Maschine's. I want to be able to send that midi to another pad/pads in ANY Group, and record that into the Maschine sequencer.
    3) Individual pattern length and odd time signature support to finally get out of that boring 4/4 gridlocked music. Look at Elektron Gear like the Octatrack….
  4. wetdentist

    wetdentist NI Product Owner

    1) while arranging in song mode, if i mouseclick onto a pattern in the song arranger, all the patterns should appear off to the side automatically (like a popup window) so that i can quickly choose a different pattern, so that i don't have to click off into a different screen to select a different pattern. this has probably been stated more eloquently
    2) all patterns for all groups in a project should be made available to all groups in the project
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  5. Jaroslaw JARO Baran

    Jaroslaw JARO Baran New Member

    1) bring back blinking track lights in arranger view, please - it was so easy in maschine 1.x to see which tracks are playing and now I have to look at the hardware controller or tab to mixer view - it's hard especially in DAW mode when patterns are empty. Yes, I know I can stick to mixer view but in arranger I can see all tracks - mixer can't fit all of them on a screen of plugin interface.

    2) even simple audio track would be great to have - whed doing programming for the existing song (or instrument parts recorded already) there is no way to use Maschine in standalone mode - we can only do this in DAW mode.
  6. Q Coletti

    Q Coletti New Member

    Please more I/O on each track, make it so maschine can be used to route to external dynamic processors, such as gates, compressors, and limiters, and other hardware like reverbs and delays.
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  7. A.M.L.

    A.M.L. New Member

    Need song mode with automation's and main thing is to add acapellas and see peaks to make remixes.
  8. TheGreek215

    TheGreek215 New Member

    I'd have to definitely go with better DAW integration.

    I use Cubase, so can only speak in regard to that program, but I have had Maschine for a week now and have had no end of problems trying to integrate it into my song writing. In fact, it has actually reduced my workflow to practically zero as I am spending so much time trying to find a viable way to make use of it (easily) within my projects.

    Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely LOVE the thing. In stand alone, for writing beats, loops etc, it is simply incredible. As a multi-instrumentalist, with a love of electronic music, it's so, SO good to be able to actually be "playing" when writing and concentrating more on rhythms, melodies, layers etc than the programming, so my qualm is by no means directed at what I see as a fantastic product.

    The main things that really bug me (in Cubase) that I would LOVE to see improved would be...

    -I would really, really like to see the midi integration sorted out. Currently I cannot work out a way (and I have spent days now trying to work this out. Reading every bit of info on forums, watching every video on youtube, and painstakingly flicking through Google results) to record a live midi performance (within Cubase) that will then seamlessly play back and trigger Maschine (despite my routing seeming to be correct). It seems that there is some sort of midi group "priority" going on which causes all notes to be recorded identical if done over separate midi channels and if I use transpose to map them over one midi channel, playback is all of the same pad/sound. I pray there is already a way around this and it's just me being a muppet, but regardless, I feel the midi integration certainly still leaves a lot to be desired.

    -Better scene editing within Maschine. The ability to drag and drop, cut, copy paste etc in the top arranger window that displays the scene info.

    -More simple control of other NI VSTi's when not being used inside of Maschine, but instead as a separate instance as an instrument in a DAW.

    -External routing direct to audio channels. I'm not sure if this is a Cubase limitation though to be fair. Currently I have to route out of Maschine, into a group track and then from the group to the audio track to record. It's MASSIVELY time consuming, despite making a Maschine REC default template.

    Hope that all makes sense, and if anyone reading this knows that I am being a muppet about any of these things, please, please do let me know what I am doing wrong!

    Great product though. I proper heart my Maschine.
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  9. Coorec

    Coorec NI Product Owner

    My only wish:

    a song mode within maschine to record everything i do on the controller, as well as record audiofiles free of scene binding


    Just a simple drag and drop of a maschine scenes into the daw would do (as it already works for midi and audio). When the midi track containing the required data (scene number?) starts maschine starts, when the track ends maschine ends. Everything else i can handle without loosing my workflow.
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  10. Hexspa

    Hexspa NI Product Owner

    I don't have three yet. One I posted in a new thread about dragging out individual samples (if it's not already possible). The ultimate request is to..

    make Maschine a DAW full stop.

    At least give us the option via button switch like Bitwig's "activate audio engine". One push - bam you got audio tracks.

    Maybe it's not a good idea but a NI DAW, even if it's not actually Maschine proper, would probably kill.

    C-Kuencer. KAW (Komplete Audio Workstation). Rekord. Klips.

    It's time.
  11. demoniqus

    demoniqus NI Product Owner

    1. Realtime timestretch
    2.Full latency compensation
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  12. Latif

    Latif New Member

    1. Rewire (full blown implementation, not half baked!!!!!)
    2. Automation for GROUP BUS EFFECTS
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  13. shaunbless@yahoo.com

    shaunbless@yahoo.com NI Product Owner

    Hi I'm Shaunbless ,My ideas is sale Maschine functions in blocks for a daw for Maschine because everyone makes music for different purposes.
    Examples :

    1. Linear timeline 49.99
    2. Pattern to track function integration 19.99
    3. Tempo change 3.99
    4. Rewire 19.99
    5. With every block purchased you get new Ni component or instrument
    6. This will offset license fee your company doesn't want to pay.
    7. If you own Maschine studio make iPad counter part controller to use with laptop. My wife doesn't like big ass maschine in bed with me. These things no one steal. (19.99 people will pay for the connivence )
    8. Hurry before Akaipro reads this.
    9. Who ever reads this copy and paste start the petition.

    Thanks @shaunbless
  14. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner


    yes i also use maschine with cubase and you´re right but the record audio thing is caused by cubase with ableton (or other daw´s) it is no problem but then there are other problems

    for you second suggestion you can use these native or other vsti´s within an other instance of maschine and switch with shift+step
    so one instrument = one instance of maschine but you can also use maschine as midi controller e.g. with maschine mk 1 there are a lot of midi templates or you have unfortunatly make your own (and then share!!) - but you´re right there must be a better solution

    oh and first - scene editing - absolute

  15. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner


    I`m very new with everything, but I try:

    1.) option for linear arrangement (non pattern based)
    2.) option for automation (not only modulation)
    3.) tempo detection for audio (samples)

    Thank you
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  16. trillbill864

    trillbill864 New Member

    hey like a lot of guys i have tons of sounds... i would really like a search function where i could start typing the name of a sound or file om looking for in maschine...something like the one they have on ableton
  17. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner


    you can tag your own samples it is realy a lot of work if you´ve got many samples - but done once it´s really helpfull
    and you can also searching for names in your own samples

  18. trillbill864

    trillbill864 New Member

    yea true that will take me week days even lol i have a 1TB hardrive with over 900 G of samples ive collected over the years...i could tag all i didnt think about that i never tag sounds and use them that way...hmmm something to think about...thanks for the input....
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  19. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    900 G sounds !!??!! WOW thats a lot to tag - after that task you are the master of tagging ;-)
  20. phil721

    phil721 New Member

    1T is not that much anymore. It's pretty easy to create 100MB in a day. I have a 4TB drive dedicated to samples only. I began sampling with tape in 1984.