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    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

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<Already posted Top 3 feature requests> *sticky*

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by res308, May 21, 2009.

  1. Jodi Curtis

    Jodi Curtis New Member

    1. Better integration of compound time options in Maschine Jam
    2. Some option to toggle very basic eq metering in mixer view to show overlapping sounds, or overlapping groups in a basic way to then insert eq or move midi really quickly for tonal/melodic instruments
    3. More obvious or intelligent handling or setting up for strings/harmonies where the midi starts just before a part and which need to play on the first run through a loop (I think this probably exists - but I only got Maschine recently)
  2. daslicht

    daslicht NI Product Owner

    Plugin Delay Compensation !
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  3. vikden

    vikden NI Product Owner

    - Machine standalone with-out computers

    - much more for sampling , Form integration and a lot of storage

    - with with reaktor blocks and cv/gate out
  4. Woolog

    Woolog New Member

    1. Improved Jam pad contrast
    2. Improved Jam pad contrast
    3. Improved Jam pad contrast

    P.S. I love the hell out of the Jam, but this one small issue is becoming a borderline deal-breaker. It offers a ton of awesome workflow opportunities, but if I miss a cue in my performance because I couldn't tell what state the pad was in, that's 100% no-go for a live situation.
  5. DeterminedRecordings

    DeterminedRecordings New Member

    These 3 features would help my workflow:

    1. Auto-save!! much needed for anyone working on a computer (cause they all crash sometimes)

    2. A better archiving/storage system. A separate browser window would be nice with a better system and a search option for lost samples!! More options to search by date, sample rate, etc. Not sure if this exists yet, but something that finds tags for sampled songs would be awesome!!

    3. A more accurate snap to transient feature, also an easier playback method with a curser (mouse mode) instead of always starting at the same spot

    I would make a lot more music/have a better life if these features were improved. Maschine has come a long way from the first version and it is my favorite DAW for making beats by far!!
  6. ebonikalbeatz

    ebonikalbeatz New Member

    Not sure if this came with most recent release but I would like to apply random patterns on top of a 8, 16, 32 bar composition.
    If this does exist, my apologies.

    P.S. The image below is Photoshopped.

    Feature Future Wish.png
  7. freakydinde

    freakydinde NI Product Owner

    • Compressor / Limiter without auto make up gain
    • Internal Automation (not Modulation)
    • Spectrum metter
    • Mono out
    • WaveShaper
    • Multiband Compressor
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  8. granmah

    granmah NI Product Owner

    - Playing samples as mono L / Mono R / Mono L+R
    - Tempo per scene
    - Detailed midi notes placement (where is my midi note? I want to know/place to the finest detail, i.e.
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  9. bobbyduracel

    bobbyduracel NI Product Owner

    1. Ideas mode change - make empty clips behave like Ableton - empty clips stop playback on that channel. Easier transition from ableton to Jam & more in line with their mode, which makes using Jam as an Ableton controller MUCH more seamless.

    2. Revamp the STUDIO hardware - add a touchscreen, internal hard drive bay & audio 6 Dj internally. Still not standalone, but "plug this thunderbolt/usb 3.0 into your computer and GO" mode.

    3. Jam hardware update - proper pads x64, add 8 knobs up top! Crush the competition!

  10. Panasony

    Panasony NI Product Owner


    2- Better use of macro pages for creating synth controllers/ editors: add a "create MIDI Macro page" function which automatically creates a page of 8 macro knobs ready to assign. Alternatively, allow us to copy / paste more than one knob at a time.
    Use the 8 buttons above the screens to navigate Macro pages.

    3- Selecting a step in Step mode by long -pressing the corresponding pad should NOT switch the display to the plugin/channel page unless the user presses those buttons... seriously what were they thinking!?

    I won't even ask for plugin delay compensation because this software has a long way to go before it becomes a DAW...
  11. daslicht

    daslicht NI Product Owner

  12. shamoo!

    shamoo! NI Product Owner

    Hi current top 3 from new maschine user

    1. 3rd party vsti pinning or if assigning vsti to multiple tracks. Sellecthose those tracks pop up the vsti they are linked too.

    2. 8 aux sends per track, we have 8 knobs why not use them?

    3. Dedicated side chain input for tracks. So I can rout any sound to another for side chaining trigger
  13. walerandei

    walerandei NI Product Owner

    Different TEMPO / BPM per scene.
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