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Announcing: Maschine+

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Mick @ NI, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Mutis

    Mutis NI Product Owner

    Don't worry mate, could be my fault since I sometimes don't express clearly, answer crossed questions and can contradict myself as I get new info or think twice (or two hundred times) the same concept in my predictions.

    IDK if NI explored that route but I believe they don't for the same reason they don't go more Apple/ARM. The old CEO stated too many times that NI was an x86 brand and I think we are seen the latest implications on that meanwhile NI adapts to the new reality (that comment from Kai talking about exploring which means ARMacs for their roadmaps). Just a gut feeling but I think well rooted...
    Said that I don't think going DSP were a good idea neither, just pointing why I believe it wasn't never an option.

    Develop on DSP platform will require rewrite everything as I said and it will not benefit too much the whole NI ecosystem since it will require a huge work in bugfixing and we know how exigent is NI target. In fact the most similar approach to that could be Roland ABC proposal where "physical circuits" were recreated (inside a virtualised system compatible with whatever "regular" CPU integrates). More or less it was M+ is but this time the recreated circuits are an x86 platform with core specs and clear unnecessary parts from regular computer to make it more powerful than simple "dirty export" (Do you remember I said that somewhere? xD). As I pointed in the other topic "This is the powerful Maschine standalone they could make for the time it was developed but I feel it "underpower" and "outdated" since I believe that time x86 wasn't the best platform to build up a standalone due development speeds and Apple strategies... but the best platform for NI due it's heritage code.

    Not porting it to ARM is a mistake IMHO but porting it to DSP will be directly a suicide. xD
  2. macchinista

    macchinista NI Product Owner

    I don’t think anybody is expecting to run VSTs when buying a minilogue, quite the opposite actually o_O
  3. Bodhi Beats

    Bodhi Beats NI Product Owner

    Yes, this is my understanding.
    Right, and no one is expecting them to run on a standalone groovebox, either, since there is no groovebox on the market that supports VST.

    Would be sweet if their was, and I’m sure there will be one day, but expecting that from NI in this product is not really fair. It’s demanding something no one has been able to successfully do.
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  4. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner

    Maschine+ will be a benefit to MPC Live/X users because:
    - better arranging/sequencing
    - preinstalled instruments for standalone

    They will lose some features

    - mute groups
    - xy pad
    - splice.com integration

    Machine MK3 users just gain the ability to work to an extent without the computer. My MK3 is in the closet in case my Push breaks.

    Ableton Push2 users (like me) will just watch from the sideline because I have this i9 cpu in my laptop that I won’t be abandoning any time soon. I have some plugins I like to use from the start, that surely won’t be in M+.
  5. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    I suppose by 1 October we will have it all figured out... i have optimism towards this; i think it will become quick the workhorse - i had an emu ultra sampler, still do though retired, that with it’s simple dos like os and 586 could outperform a Mac Pro, mainly because it was not running disruptive background processes and thus, despite the memory limitation of the era respective to current on the sample size, was more responsive with samples and effects of the same size and even sounded more natural and alive; I think we will find the same of this and why we find external gear more desirable, as that affects the way we play them in favour.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2020
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    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    You used to be able to do plenty on older gear , regardless of cpu and ram amounts and tbh a lot of that gear did things better than some things today, more of a pain to program and set up , and they were pretty expensive compared to today’s market .
    Last night I was thinking if it was worth me getting it tbh , my Roland gear is all connected via usb for audio and midi obviously my macs more powerful, it’s all setup by the sofa so I can lounge produce , I started thinking, I could just get a mk3 , so I’m kinda in two minds , but I think I’ll still get it , brought it Interest free for 2 years ,so that’s ok , I’ll probably be using more hardware than plugins , so I’m not worried about cpu , and like you said , playing with external gear makes it more desirable ,probably because of the little limitations that make you focus more ,on what it can do compared to what it can’t
  7. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner

    Sure, the maschine libary and expansions are expected to perform well within the proposed hardware limitations. I wonder about Symphonic Kontakt libraries included in the bigger Komplete bundles...SD card sample read can't live up to that, while the 32 internal flash is just...32gb.
  8. HugoClubs

    HugoClubs NI Product Owner

    I don’t expect any symphonic libraries from the komplete ultimate bundle anytime soon but I wish I am wrong.

    Due to registration, NI knows exactly what bundles M+ users own, and probably they even know which ones do they use most (through analytics). Since everyone has the komplete select bundle, they will start adding those libraries, and then the komplete libraries and if we are lucky enough, in about 3/4 years when they launch the M+ Mk2 (or a stand-alone version of the Maschine Studio) maybe we will get the komplete ultimate bundles.

    Of course this is all speculation, and we really know nothing. I just hope they keep adding more VSTs on a regular basis, but I guess that development will also depends on how successful M+ is.
  9. Kubrak

    Kubrak NI Product Owner

    Well, it depends. I run the full versions (included only in K12U CE, not K12U) of Symphonic libraries and 8 GB of RAM was not enought. I added 8 GB more recently and it is relatively OK now.... But my next notebook must have at least 32GB of RAM. I have i7 with 4 cores and it is so, so on some projects. So, my next notebook should have at least 6, but better 8 cores.

    Maschine+ might work well for some, maybe even most, people with simpler projects, but not for me. I need more computer power, more memory, more storage and I am used to use a wide range of plugins.....
  10. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

    *first post on this subject.

    Honestly if it doesn't solve the "problem" in the arranger and live performance arranging then I couldn't even consider a dumbed down Maschine simply to be able to take it onto the beach to make "headphone beats".

    If it came with mute automations (at minimum!!) and hopefully live input of patterns and/or scenes then sign me up! but as of right now what I'm looking at it doesn't offer anything good for me except a limited dumbed down version of what I already got , less features, less sounds and less money in the bank.

    I'll keep holding my breath thank you.


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  11. maxmatteo

    maxmatteo New Member

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  12. Tony Porridge

    Tony Porridge NI Product Owner

    So I'm hyped about this. But I must say, I find it a little disappointing that NI seems to favor it's NON HIP HOP INFLUENCERS. Now before we go all in can someone who makes HIP HOP explain to me why Knocksquared, Sara the Instrumentalist, AGGOTBEATS, or any person of color has yet to receive a Maschine + to try out? First off I am only a Maschine user because of Knocked Squared and Saint Joe. I have a TON of NI stuff (MK2, MK2 mikro, MK3, Jam, Komplete Ultimate 8-12), so I know I support the company. But it seems like NI chooses to cater to NON HIP HOP INFLUENCERS. Like even with the sound design. It took almost 3-5 years to get decent Hip Hop Expansions. Yeah NI got the picture, but damn. I don't plan on leaving , although I do own Akai products (MPC Ren, MPC Studio Black, MKII mini) but this has got to stop. People like Ave Mcree, MG the Future, CMP, Synth God, and countless others have left Maschine because of this. Just thought I would let you know, you messing up. True almost every genre of music has a Maschine user/influencer in it. All I am saying is respect and honor the HIP HOP HEADS. Peace.
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  13. Bodhi Beats

    Bodhi Beats NI Product Owner

    Agree with your point in general, but just FYI — Stefan Guy has one, and he’s BIPOC and in the hip hop realm (more Soul/R&B I suppose, but in the ballpark). But yes, more BIPOC and more genre variety would be nice. :)
  14. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    I see a lot of assumptions and even accusations in your post... I'm taking this very personal, as I've been the one at NI who started working with creators 3,5 years ago when I joined the company. The forum is a tiny part of my work. Working with creators takes up 80%+ of my time, and it's something I do day in, day out. During work hours, and also outside of that.

    Luckily that also makes me the perfect person to reply to you :)

    In the US no one has a unit yet. The only creators who have units so far are all in Europe. Simply because the US warehouse has only received a handful of units late last week. Whereas the EU warehouse got some units sooner. I'm happy to see that Stefan Guy already got mentioned because he makes great videos. Maybe not hiphop and more R&B, but he always brings the vibes!

    Knock is someone I am in contact with a LOT. Him, Kai and me had calls about the upcoming Clips features, Maschine+ etc etc. Knock was also the only creator I gave a Maschine Flame Orange to, since he was the OG back 10 years ago uploading the first Maschine video to YouTube.
    His unit will be arriving tomorrow according to the tracking, so be prepared for some nice content there!

    Saint Joe, Sarah2ill, Landmarq, DDS, Jeia, will all be getting units (next to a bunch of other creators) as soon as units arrive, right now it's all just a bit slower due to covid.
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  15. jbuonacc

    jbuonacc NI Product Owner

    cripes. :confused:
  16. Bodhi Beats

    Bodhi Beats NI Product Owner

    That’s all great news, Mick. Thank you!
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  17. GoKeez

    GoKeez NI Product Owner

    Agreed. Great news and thanks for clearing that up Mick. Yes it was a valid concern to many and yes the response mattered and was sufficient.
  18. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    It's also a very valid question, and I'm happy it got asked! Just the tone could have been different, now it felt like all accusations. In cases like these it's better to check first what is going on :)
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  19. HugoClubs

    HugoClubs NI Product Owner

    4 reviews (first impressions) on YouTube, 2 of them clearly with unfinished production units with Beta software, 1 of them from a guy that lives in Berlin literally next to NI headquarters, and you are already jumping in the racism assumptions?

    C’mon dude. It’s just sad.

    KnockSquared literally stated last week that his Maschine+ was already shipped and probably will arrive this week. Relax and please don’t try to transform everything in a “black lives matter” subject. Peace!
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2020
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  20. james vogts

    james vogts NI Product Owner

    Mick @ NI.
    Is there a way if I prove I pre ordered a Plus I could get a manual and start preparing?

    I started on hardware sequencers like the QX-1/MC-500 MKII.

    They had 1 x 3 LED in monochrome, so I won't be complaining.

    Appreciate the thought.