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Are NI not updating s5/s8 anymore?

Discussion in 'KONTROL S5/ KONTROL S8' started by shamoo!, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. shamoo!

    shamoo! NI Product Owner

    Trackor 3.2 brought new features like keymatch etc.. but thoses feature are not appearing on my S5 displays, which means you have to go back to looking at the laptop screen if you want to use that feature.

    I am just wondering is NI not supporting the development of S5/S8 anymore? So any new features added in Traktor like keymatch will never make it to the S5/S8 displays going forward.
  2. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Hi, apparently, it’s been ages since their last S5/S8 code update... but luckily, there’s been people like ErikMinekus, kokernutz, Nick Moon and me (sure there’s other people, no offense), that have been publishing “mods” which include new functionalities for the S5/S8/D2 and work with the latest version of TP3. Check the forum! :thumbsup:
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  3. shamoo!

    shamoo! NI Product Owner

    Oh yes I'm aware of all the good work being done by forum members. But think its a missed opportunity by NI not incorporating those updates and ideas into the official updates.

    I'll assume that up keep of the hardware in an official capacity is dead. For the S5 and S8 at least.

    Thanks all for the good work
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  4. Caleb Grayson

    Caleb Grayson NI Product Owner

    have you tried the new control map override feature?

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  5. shamoo!

    shamoo! NI Product Owner

    Control map override is only available on the s8 and not the s5. Last time I looked I don't remember seeing the feature anyway but I have moved back to v3.1.8 so maybe I missed it, if it's new