Attributes and mutations

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Magic Russ, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Magic Russ

    Magic Russ NI Product Owner

    I have been building a few presets lately and have been fun mutating them to come up with new ideas. However, I have run into a few issues with mutations

    1. Meta information gets mutated
    a. Author - I want to know who originally created the patch, not see a random developer's name
    b. Company - Again, why does this need to be mutated?
    c. Bankname - Again, I have seen some random things appear in this space. My request for this might be the option to either keep last, or assign all mutations to a "Mutation" bank
    d. Comments - Again, showing comments appropriate to another patch isn't helpful at all. Perhaps this should be left blank when mutating.

    2. Type/Subtype/Mode
    Sometimes I like to keep going with mutations. When I do that, most of the Types attributes are highlighted, as well as a few SubTypes. This is not useful, maybe they should be left blank.