Audio 2 DJ – distorted sound after OS & driver update

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR Audio Interfaces' started by tira, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. tira

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    After checking out compatibility with all my apps and gear, I updated by MacBook Pro to El Capitan (10.11.4) and all my NI products just to hear that my Audio 2 DJ (Mk I) outputs digitally distorted sound on both outputs when using Traktor (2.10.2 9)

    - I have updated to the latest hardware driver (v2.80) and all other NI software is up to date.
    - Changing output levels doesn't reduce the crackles at all.
    - Neither does changing the latency value.
    - Neither does switching the USB cable.
    - What's interesting though is that when I open the preferences window in Traktor, the crackling stops WHILE IT OPENS. When the prefs are open, the crackles continue.
    - It's a MBP mid-2009 with enough RAM, hard drive space etc. – I have an RME interface in use with Ableton and that works perfectly fine - it's clearly the NI driver!

    Does anyone have similar issues?

    UPDATE: I checked with other apps and playing tunes directly from the Finder, with no distortion at all. This suggests it has nothing to do with the Audio 2 DJ driver, but only with Traktor 2.10.2.
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  2. c0nsul

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    I am on MacOSX 10.11.4 and TP 2.10.2, too. I am using the oldest Traktor Audio 2 with the 2.8.0 driver.

    During the 2.8.0 testing phase, I experienced cracks with my setup.
    NI support adviced me to change settings from 44,1kHz to 48kHz. This helped in my case.
    My latency is set to 256 samples.