Battery Kits not loading?

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by perry smith, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. perry smith

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    Hi all!
    Have recently purchased the S49 MK2 which came with Komplete Select 12 which included some kits for battery.

    I've downloaded said kits and have been browsing through them using the screen on the keyboard and getting sound previews fine but when I press the button to load the kit Logic Pro 10 completely crashes and I either get a tiny grey square in the middle of the screen or it says the kit cant be loaded.

    I've tried all the other plugins that come with complete and they work fine. It just seems to be battery! It may be worth noting that battery itself doesnt show up in Native Access but the separate kits do?

    Hope the above makes sense!
  2. MondoArt

    MondoArt NI Product Owner

    Komplete Select 12 doesn't include Battery. You'd have to purchase Battery separately (or as part of Komplete regular bundle) to actually load the kits.