Battery Multi-Outs Studio One?

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by Aron Stokes, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Aron Stokes

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    I'm interested in learning the best way to route Battery outputs to tracks and mixer channels inside of Studio One. Is it a good idea to separate Battery drum kits by routing individual cells to Battery outputs and having Studio One instrument tracks be routed to these individual Battery drum outs? It seems logical to work with drums this way, but I'd be interested to know how common this is. I'd be interested to know if there are any better, or more efficient ways to work with Battery inside the DAW than what I'm currently thinking? How many drum outputs is Battery 4 able to use? How can I make some Battery outputs mono instead of stereo? Any other tips for Battery workflow inside the DAW would be greatly appreciated as well.
  2. MoHoK

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    the way i am dealing with it in studio one is this one
    well.. set insinde battery the outputs... like kick to direct out 2/3 snare to 3/4 etc... and there is an icon that looks like |-> on top of thr window .... you can route it to channels mixers from there...

    if the kit you have is way large (like 48 or 64 drum sounds that can't be covered by the outputs of battery)... i combine some instances of battery, following the first step i told you... BUT i set the outputs like first row (muting the rest rows), moving to second instance of battery... setting outputs on second raw and muting the rest rows (including the first one) etc... if you're using standard kits... like this you can save it as a preset inside Studio One and use it like this.... the PROs in this way is that you can have a very large kit with multi-outputs set like this.. and you can still be handling them in one TRACK even if using multiple instaces of battery like this... the con side in this is that you will use more resources... but seems a good way to do it like this if you have very big drumkits that the outputs of battery on it's own aren't enough to serve you.