battery routing and undo /redo

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  1. oelsong4

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    hi ! congratulations for battery 4!
    I have two questions

    when? undo and redo for battery? I think that this is a very important, for users.

    when we will have a configurable routing?, no only st and mono.
    5.1 for example or multichannel configurable

    thank you very much! and best regards
  2. Kevin63101

    Kevin63101 NI Product Owner

    Multi-output routing into separate tracks of your DAW has been possible in prior versions and Battery 4. :)

    Further, Battery 4 even has 4 group buses that you can send to stereo out or individually to separate DAW tracks.

    Battery 4: For assigning a Cell to a Bus, a separate output or the master out:
    1) Point on Cell, right mouse click for menu
    2) Select output and Route to Master, Buses or Direct Out
    (In Battery 3, select cell then select output located under volume fader)

    Battery 4: Drag method for assigning a group of Cells to a Bus
    1) Select cells
    2) Drag cells onto Bus volume fader on master page

    Battery 4: For assigning a Bus to a separate output or the master out:
    1) Go to Master Page, Point at Bus name, right mouse click for menu
    2) Select output and Route to Master or Direct Out

    I'm not aware of a method to do 5:1 mixing inside Battery, but if you get multiple channels running into a 5:1 DAW setup you could do the panning there.

    I wish for multiple level Undo for any action within Battery as well. The editor page does have an undo function for it.
  3. oelsong4

    oelsong4 New Member

    thank you for your answer,
    I work with battery in live shows, standalone.
    its very interesting for play sfx with a midi keyboard,
    but I understand that battery is mainly drum sampler,
    that is why it is very important when you work live,
    you need different configurables output for cell o for sampler,
    like a qlab or sfx software.
    battery has a lot of features very interesting for live,
    I will hope for next versions, now, the solution is
    duplicate cells with the same information or three times,
    one for main st, second for 2 monitors on stage and three for a st surround system.
    and play all with the same note.
    thanks and best regards!;)
  4. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    I would like to see some kind of Undo/Redo.... however I am still on Battery 3, and with Battery 4 just released I doubt I'll ever get this feature.

    Interestingly, while a lot of plugins provide undo/redo many don't, which I find rather strange because this is a very useful feature. Not one of NI's plugins has undo/redo. I mean, even Notepad has undo/redo....
  5. Boot Slap

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    Yeah... thanks NI Team for the great work on Battery 4 , i love it!

    +1 for a "undo/redo" function

    thanks Kevin63101 for the Bus tips!
  6. Ricky Woofer

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  7. oelsong4

    oelsong4 New Member

    thank you Ricky;)
    I will see your channel!
  8. Zip

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    +1 when? undo and redo for battery?
  9. daslicht

    daslicht NI Product Owner

    now its 2015 and there is still no Undo.
    Geist has this feature for ages.
  10. apricotandpearjam

    apricotandpearjam NI Product Owner

    +1000000 for undo/redo!!!