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Beat Grids Are Still Shifting!

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by cutmoney, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. keysman_Tf

    keysman_Tf Forum Member

    You and me both! Thanks for the feedback. I was fooling with it tonight and although I couldn't figure out the beatgrid stuff it seemed like it was locking on just fine.

    I guess I have to do some serious testing now.
  2. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    so what are you saying with this... you're using a cracked copy looking for help on THE OFFICIAL SITE??!
  3. Myzrael

    Myzrael Forum Member

    Well , I have to admit native girl that there are a lot of people comming to an offical site to get help. As soon as everything works for them most of them end up buying the software. I've been using a cracked virtual dj for example to see what it was like (because in the demo you can't prelisten and well......you get the point in DJ-ing) and since it was shitty I didn't buy it.
  4. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    the traktor demo is a full version without limitation - only that you can use it only 30 days.

    i'm trying to help users here as part of the service they get when they buy the product and i'm not willing to help people that just use cracked copies.
  5. keysman_Tf

    keysman_Tf Forum Member

    Thanks for assuming that I am a software pirate! That's great, nice attitude. Do you really think that if I was using a cracked copy of the program I would be stupid enough to post here asking for help? Are you really a representative of Native Instruments? I can't believe they let you get away with treating customers the way you do on these forums. I mentioned your poor attitude once already in this thread. You're behavior is unacceptable!

    All I was looking for was access to some documentation that was at one point available to demo users on your website, demo users like me. I think last time I tried the software, I had to get some sort of 14 day support account in order to access the PDF file in question. I remember it being a hassle to get that limited support so I thought I would ask here if the PDF could be sent to me so that I could test the DEMO VERSION of 3.0.1 Of course now I'm looking at it and it seems that perhaps the demo version I have is not the version that everyone is talking about. I see that people are saying 3.1 and looking at my demo icon it says it version is Perhaps someone can clear this up for me. I assumed that a demo version would be released at the same time the full version. If not how can I, or anyone else test your software before buying? I certainly don't want to drop my hard earned money on a product that you yourself, Native Girl have publicly admitted here in this thread, had problems. Problems that I experienced first hand and spent plenty of my own time trying to troubleshoot.

    I am attaching a copy of the automated email Native Instruments sent me. You'll see that it was sent on Monday the 10th, before I asked for help finding the beat grid PDF. Of course you will probably now accuse me of changing the date in the email because obviously I am a thief and a scoundrel.

    ------ Forwarded Message
    From: <info@native-instruments.de>
    Organization: Native Instruments
    Reply-To: <info@native-instruments.de>
    Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 06:47:05 +0200 (CEST)
    To: <###########@hotmail.com>
    Subject: Your Demo Version Download

    Dear demo downloader,

    Thank you for your interest in TRAKTOR3. We hope this
    product fulfils all your expectations.

    You'll find more product information in the extensive product
    pages on our website:
    -> http://www.native-instruments.com/products.info

    You can obtain the full version directly from our Online Shop
    or from countless authorized dealers. There you can find the
    current prices as well.

    NI Online-Shop:
    -> http://www.native-instruments.com/online_shop.info

    Dealer list:
    -> http://www.native-instruments.com/resellers_list.info

    Best Regards from Berlin,
    Your Native Instruments Team

    | NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH | Sales Team
    | Schlesische Str. 28 | http://www.native-instruments.de/sales.info
    | D-10997 Berlin | Tel. +49/30/61 10 35-1300
    | Germany | Fax +49/30/61 10 35-2300
    | >>>> NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - Generate the future of sound! <<<<

    ------ End of Forwarded Message
  6. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    calm down my friend! :)

    honestly... since i asked someone to please post what was in his about screen and he replied with *H2O Team, Serial Number thisandthat etc.* - i believe everything is possible :)

    i already verified that you are demo registered. (guess what, i had this idea on my own to ask reg support...)

    the demo is 3.0.1 - an older version (it came out with the second released version of T3).
    there was already 3.0.2 out for a while until it was followed by the now released 3.1.1.

    i assumed that you were using 3.1.1 like the ones before in the thread.
    you assumed that the demo version is always the same like the released version.

    and this is were the confusion started.

    this one lead me to my question - can you understand that now?

    no need to be rude. i'm working since two years now my ass off to bring the forum voices to NI, constantly laying my finger in the wounds, since i am a DJ working with the same software like you.

    dont forget that.

    *closed to stop further confusion.
    whoever has sth to say about shifting beatgrids in versions ABOVE 3.1.1 may open a new thread*
  7. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    O.K. Some additional info to put this in perspective.

    - The Traktor Demo is somewhat a downrev version (3.0.x). Its intended to give you an idea of what Traktor is all about.

    - Demo updates are not released with each point upgrade.
    - The PDFed manual is not provided with the demo.
    - N.G. and I get asked to provide manuals all the time by people who we believe do not have a licensed version of Traktor. If they have a licensed version they could get a copy of the manual no problems.
    -Some who ask for the manual are running the Demo, I'm sorry but the manual is intended to be available to licensed users only. The answer is 'no we cannot and do not provide the manual in such cases'.
    - Others who ask have a cracked copy of Traktor and are unregistered, thus are unable to provide us with their NI Site ID, Serial Number or other evidence of legal ownership, we 'cannot and do not provide help or support in such cases'.
    - Registered users would already know that the manual is available for download and the question would not need to be asked.

    Now for those who are unclear as to why we take the position we do in such cases, this info should help. We are not making any prognostications as to legal ownership but it is one of the various scenarios that is possible given the circumstances. Its no more likely than you being a demo user.
    Apologies if you feel hard done by, by both N.G. and I but we get such requests frequently and after a short period of time you learn to treat the incoming requests with great skepticizm, because in most cases the request is not on the up-and-up. This case maybe otherwise, we have no way of knowing.

    Fair Enough???? Are we all good with the explanation?

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