Best button on S4 for Flux mode

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    I suggest you try then. I don't have any personal recommendations for youtube.
  2. RyuJn

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    flux dvs scratching

    does anyone know if it's possible to use fluxmode while scratching with dvs? i was unsuccessful :(
  3. Count Zero

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    No it is not possible.
  4. djcentrino

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    Thanks Mr Pud! You have just given me a great idea - can't believe I hadn't thought of it before! I have been having trouble knowing when flux mode is on as I am using a midi keyboard to control it - but now i have mapped the pitch + and- button LEDs on my Numark Omni Pro to light up when flux mode is on, even though they still control the pitch the leds correspond to flux mode!

    Thanks again,

  5. djchrislee

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    On My X1 i have mapped shift+snap and shift+qaunt to turn flux on and off as i never use the X1 to change snap and qaunt. Also i have mapped a modifier so if you hold down shift these buttons will glow if flux is on and so on..:)
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    Hi all, I didn't get a response to my earlier post now lost in this thread trying to get a SHIFT + button mapping working - but I've moved on and tried something else today.

    So I have now mapped my Loop Active encoder push button function to turn Flux on and off successfully - but there is no visual feedback on the S4. So while I can map a basic LED as an override, I was wondering how you might implement something like the way the F1 behaves and use the 7-segment display.

    I got about as far as this


    Here's what I'd like to try and need your help to know if it's even possible and how!

    1. Push and Hold Loop Active Encoder to view current mode. The seven segment display shows either "FL" (flux mode) or "LO" (loop mode)
    2. Push and Turn Loop Active Encoder to change mode. Each step in any direction changes between "FL" and "LO" mode.
    3. Release the encoder when the desired setting is chosen to enable that feature.

    It would also be nice to know how this could be a SHIFT + Loop Active operation to use what appears to be a completely unmapped function.

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  7. pascal75

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    I was wondering if i would use the loop in and out buttons for flux as i never use them and always use the encoder for auto looping. anybody have it mapped similar? hows that? i guess theres no visual feedback on those buttons?
  8. pascal75

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    i need some help i am trying to map the flux to the load buttons on the s4 as i use the cue buttons for loading but i am having trouble separating deck a from c and B from D.

    when i press the left load button flux activates in both decks A and C
    ideally flux should only activate on C when deck C is selected. But i can't get it to work like that.

    can someone please help?
  9. traktortips

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    I have a tutorial coming soon which includes the fully functional tsi for the S4.... check back on soon.