Best keyboard controller to get?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nickelless, May 2, 2019.

  1. Nickelless

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    So I'm a newbie to the production side of things and I'm still finding my way around my Maschine Mikro and program. I'm in the market for a keyboard controller as I need a keyboard in order to play and I might as well get one that is capable of controlling Maschine and Studio One as those are my two primary DAWs.

    I'm trying to decide which of these four to go with. So I'm looking for some advice. Wanted to ask you guys in case there is something I'm unaware of with these controllers. Other options are welcome, however I'm not crazy about the NI keyboard controller.

    My biggest objectives are:
    - Something that doesn't need alot of mapping right from the jump and is easy to figure out and use. Both for navigating the DAW and controlling VSTi
    - Compatible with both Maschine and Studio One.
    - I need more sounds and VSTi, so if it comes with a library of good quality sounds that's a big plus.
    - They almost all offer the same thing feature wise on the hardware with little variations, but I do want something that will last a while and be compatible with future software versions.

    Akai mpk249
    - Favorite option hardware wise but not much in the from of VSTi

    Arturia keylab 49
    - Favorite option for VSTi but prefer akai hardware for the price

    M-Audio CTRL49
    - Seems like a good overall option though I'm not clear what programs come with it and what VSTi and their quality is

    Nektar Panorama P4
    - Least favorite option, but could be convinced it's worth the price
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    Hello I think the best of this list Akai mpk249
  3. Nickelless

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    Thanks for the help!
  4. Kostas1

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    In my experience, 61 keys is better if they make those, because you can play like piano and 49 often restrictive.
  5. Isabella Shiri

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  6. Captain Blasto

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    If your top priorities are ease of use/integration, and included sounds: getting a Komplete Kontrol keyboard seems like a no-brainer. Either that or something from Arturia. Akai software sucks and IMO the keys on their keyboards leave a lot to be desired. I do not understand all the love for the MPK Mini II. I returned it almost immediately and got the KK M32 instead.