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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO PUBLIC BETA TEST' started by Sander @ NI, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. Sander @ NI

    Sander @ NI Guest

    Dear Traktorists,

    Here is the first Beta for Traktor Pro 3.4. With every Beta we will add new Browser functionality and fix Browser bugs. This Beta introduces the first feature Multiple Column Sorting.

    New in

    Added: Multiple Column Sorting * see note below
    Added: Green Beta Styling(Icon, App Badge, Splash Screen, About Screen)
    Fixed: Traktor is not forced to run in low resolution mode anymore ** see note below
    Fixed: Traktor keyboard mapping stop working when editing cue name in advanced panel(could potentially fix other keyboard mapping issues)
    Fixed: Random crash in Audio Engine

    Test Focus:
    • Everything in the Browser from sorting to file import, playlist handling, history playlists, writing/reading tags etc etc.
    • iTunes, please check if everything still works correctly.
    • Multiple Column Sorting
    * Multiple Column Sorting:
    If the column is already sorted by say BPM, clicking CMD(CTRL Win) + KEY makes KEY the second column and makes BPM the primary column.
    • So Clicking CMD(CTRL Win) + any other column will make that column the Secondary Column
    • Clicking CMD(CTRL Win) + same column will invert the direction of sorting in it
    • Clicking any other column will come out of primary/secondary sorting and sort that column as it does now.
    ** Traktor is not forced to run in low resolution mode anymore:
    We made some changes in the UI backend which allows us to run Traktor in Hi-res mode again(it was forced to low res before). A good side effect of this change is that the CPU load in general even when running in Hi-resolution is lower then it was before in low res on all MacOS machines. This change only affects MacOS, for Windows nothing changes. Also please note that running the app in Hi-res does not mean it's Retina compatible because Traktor Pro is not ;) but in general the UI should be sharper as before.

    Filing Bugs:
    When filing a bug please try to reproduce the bug in the current released version(3.3.0) and make a note about this in the bug report.

    Additional Notes:
    The provided installer is an update installer, which requires a working TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation on your computer.
    Once installed, version will automatically copy your Collection to the new Traktor 3.4.0 user folder and replace your previous TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation.

    You can always go back to your previous installation via /Applications/Native Instruments/Traktor Pro 3/Backup

    Happy Testing,

    Team Pro

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