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Beta Uploaded (Smartlists)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO PUBLIC BETA TEST' started by Sander @ NI, Jul 31, 2020.

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  1. Sander @ NI

    Sander @ NI Guest

    Dear Traktorists,

    Here is the next Public Beta. This beta introduces the long awaited Smartlists. You can create a new Smartlist by right-clicking the Playlist folder in the browser tree and select Create Smartlist.

    New in
    Added: Smartlist Filter by Content Type
    Added: Smartlist Is around Operator for BPM filter
    Added: Smartlist Greater/Less than Equal Operator
    Added: Smartlist Starts/End with Operator
    Fixed: Reversed loop goes out of phase
    Fixed: BPM, Bitrate, Catalog number search broken
    Fixed: History Columns are all shown and when disabling some the right side gets cut off

    Test Focus:
    • Smartlists
    • Browser in general
    Filing Bugs:
    When filing a bug please try to reproduce the bug in the current released version(3.3.0) and make a note about this in the bug report.

    Additional Notes:
    The provided installer is an update installer, which requires a working TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation on your computer.

    Once installed, version will automatically copy your Collection to the new Traktor 3.4.0 user folder and replace your previous TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation.

    You can always go back to your previous installation via /Applications/Native Instruments/Traktor Pro 3/Backup

    Happy Testing,

    Team Pro

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