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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by Efrain, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Efrain

    Efrain New Member

    Could this application enable internet broadcasting with Shoutcast & Nicecast?

    with kind regards,
  2. chachakoala

    chachakoala NI Product Owner

    Yes, works great with Icecast for instance
  3. Efrain

    Efrain New Member

    I know it works with Icecast but I heard it only works with Icecast not the others I mentioned so is this true?
  4. johnmoore

    johnmoore New Member

    I know a lot of people have been having trouble with broadcasting to a shoutcast server with Traktor. A friend of mine has made an easy to follow presentation. it is a .swf file which can be viewed in firefox you can get it here.

    its similar to a powerpoint presentation...

    Hope it helps
  5. Efrain

    Efrain New Member

    I have Nicecast not Shoutcast though thanks for your concern
  6. DJ Splash

    DJ Splash New Member

    Hopefully some one in the form group can help me out. I'm a new user of TSP. I've previously (and still do) use SAM broadcaster and Virtual DJ. I switched to TSP to expand my live mixing capacity and have been happy with what I've seen and done so far with TSP. I currently streaming to the net for broadcasting with a Shoutcast account with SAM; it was fairly straight forward to use and set up.

    With TSP there is a section in the preferences for broadcasting, but I can't seem to set it up so I can use my Shoutcast account. Do I need to use Icecast instead of Shoutcast for streaming with TSP?

    The tech support people at NI directed me to the forms for answers and help; which to be perfectly honest makes me wonder if I can use TSP for broadcasting with internet radio or not. I really want to do broadcasting on the net with TSP and to be able to do live voice overs between songs.

    I also have a mic and want to set it up so I can voice over between songs with my listeners on the internet so any help I can get in how to set up the mic to voice over would be most helpful too!

    I have a fairly new desktop computer I use for TSP (XP Operating System). It's a Intel Core 2 Duo Computer System. (Intel DG43NB ATX S775 1333FSB DDR3 PCIE SATA VID GETH; Intel E84000 Core2 DUO 3.00GHZ 6MB 1333MHZ FSB; TRANSCEND 2048MB DDR2 800 PC6400 RAM; EVGA 9800GT 1GIG DDR2 PCI-E DVI+HDCP).

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get from other form members who are broadcasting on the internet with TSP.
  7. constantG

    constantG New Member

    Your problem solved

    I sorted it out here
  8. Lukabm

    Lukabm New Member


    the bit when you put your hostname eg: http://192.168.1.**:8002 into Vimanps URL so it can open the steam direct from traktor using Icecast... I have a problem there

    when I put that there, Vinamp says 'error syncing to steam' :(
    could you clear that bit up for me? or ask your friend what am I doing wrong there?

    thanks in advance
  9. johnmoore

    johnmoore New Member


    If you are using the same computer to do everything then the address should be

    try that and see how you go. if you are using more that 1 computer to do this ie on a home network you will need to forward ports on your router. let me know hoew you go...
  10. Lukabm

    Lukabm New Member

    thanks for you replay,.. Nope, Yea I've tried both Ip address's... i think it's worth mentioning that:
    0) Using 1 Laptop
    1) I have a static IP address 192.168.1.**
    2) I have port forwarded 8000 to 8001 for shoutcast on my router
    3) I have Port forwarded 8002 for Icecast On Router.

    * When I select ports 8000 to 8001 on router, Winamp -> Shoutcast Source -> Shoutcast = Live radio 'works' http://192.168.1.**:8000 Steam Is there. Shoutcast adds Successfully P.S. prefer using Edcast cuz it allows you to talk also ;)

    * When I select Port 8002 for Icecast on router. I can Link Up Traktor-> Icecast so when you go to http://192.168.1.**:[B]8002[/B] the Steam is there So its Live. but :(
    When I put that Address into Winamp URL this is where I get that Error msg.

    i just cant get them Linked up so then i get live feed from traktor to winamp so i can then link this to shoutcast - Aaaaaaaaaaaa :D:D
    Thanks again
    And then, I can see my NEXT problem coming, Because on router I creating one port forwarding for Shoutcast and the Other for Icecast NOW:
    to Use Traktor I assume I'll have to do Following set up:
    Traktor->Icecast->Vinamp->Edcast->Shoutcast DSP = Live radio

    but how do i do that if, on the router I can Only have iether SHOUTCAST server Or the Icecast?

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2009
  11. johnmoore

    johnmoore New Member


    I think you are overcomplicating things here. if you are using a 1 PC setup there is no need to forward any ports at all. all port connections are internal and outgoing streams to shoutcast require no port forwarding. The reason we use static ip's is for a multi pc setups. so you can ignore that part.

    we may need to start again.

    !. open up traktor

    in the broadcasting section check the use direct connection (no proxy) box

    In server settings set address to 127,0,0,1 <- use dots not commas
    Port should be 8000
    Set password to hackme for ease
    select bit rate i use 44100 @192

    Save and close

    2 uninstall Icecast

    3 Reboot PC

    4 reinstall icecast. ### I am using version 2.3.1 newer versions have a reduced xml file and im not sure you can use them the same ### if you need it let me know i can email it to you.

    5 open up the configuration file in icecast the only thing you need to change is the relay section mount path from example.ogg to live .ogg


    save it and close the configuration file.

    press the start server button

    6 In traktor press the broadcast button if all is well it should stay lit. If not
    a) your doing it wrong.
    b) computers hate you.

    Load a track into deck a and start playing it push crossfader to left.

    7 open up winamp and play the url 127,0,0,1:8000/live.ogg <-- again use dots not commas.

    it should prebuffer and then start playing you should see the track name appear in winamp and if the volume is up you should here your track with a slight delay.

    the volume in winamp can be muted when broadcasting to a shoutcast server it does NOT need to be up at all.

    you need the shoutcast DSP plugin for winamp.

    Type in whatever server settings are necessary

    A couple things with the shoutcast plugin
    - in the encoder tab you need to set it to mp3 NOT AAC
    - bitrate is usually 128 @ 44100 khz
    - on the input tab set the input to winamp NOT soundcard.

    The Output tab is where you put the server details you are trying to connect to....

    You should be done..

    We have a radio stations on the web or (include the www of course) from there follow the links to the chat.

    or if you are irc savvy we are at

    You are welcome to dj on our station and test your stream and ask any questions.
    be patient there is not always someone there - contray to belief DJ's DO sleep.

    Hope this helps
    Oh and one more thing about shoutcast plugin --- you need to set the encoder to mp3 every time you open it. its a right pain i know but if you dont it will always revert back to AAC
  12. Lukabm

    Lukabm New Member

    All done!

    I own you a drink John -
    Ps checkd out your site ;) wkd stuff

    Ill get In touch

    thanks again!
  13. colling

    colling New Member

  14. John L

    John L New Member

    Colling how would your suggestion change using scratch pro with vinyl control. I use the record out on my mixer and send it to the line in on laptop and stream using simple cast, for m-audio torq. I wish Traktor would get with the times and
    mp3 streaming. Thinking of buying TSP
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