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Browser Bug

Discussion in 'Archive' started by kokernutz, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. kokernutz

    kokernutz Active Member

    I believe this bug has existed since TP 3. I could not figure out for the life of me how I was triggering the issue, but I finally was able to repeat it successfully so I took a video.

    I think this bug is only by triggered by mouse-dragging a song to a deck. I don't remember this ever happening when using a controller or the keyboard to navigate and load tracks.

    Steps I'm taking in the video:

    1) i'm in a Music/iTunes playlist "dark dys robot" which has 274 tracks in it.
    2) i drag two different tracks into the right browser to demonstrate that it works as expected
    3) i try dragging another track a few times to the same deck but it does not load
    4) i try another track and the track loads, but the contents of the browser changes to show the entire Music/iTunes Library node, yet the highlighted node in the left-hand pain remains on the same playlist.

    (After stopping the video I restarted Traktor and could then load the track via a mouse-drag without any problems.)

    I don't know if this problem only exists when in the Music/iTunes node. I am in there so often because that's where I keep all my prep smart playlists.

    And is this one bug or two? (Occasionally not being able to read a file but after a restart it's fine, and the browser contents changing without the node changing.)