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Bug Reports for Traktor Pro 2.5 (NO Ranting please!)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by electronicmaddness, May 25, 2012.

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  1. ahavah

    ahavah New Member

    Crashing and Continued Sound Problems

    Since I installed 2.5 I have had nothing but problems. I could not get 2.5 to work without sound clipping/dropping issues, but 2.1.1 does not run clean anymore either. The 2.5 installation must have overwritten some DLLs or something, because now the sound clips/drops on that version as well (although not as badly as it did with 2.5).

    Also, the application has crashed twice. The second time it crashed it lost all of the tracks I had imported, including settings that I had populated (i.e. Key, Auto Gain settings, Album Art, etc). Now I have to import and do the settings for over a dozen tracks all over again. This is becoming very frustrating.

  2. Halla78

    Halla78 New Member

    Im having issues with tractor 2.5. Firstly is the cueing issue that a lot of others are having with the timecode cd's and secondly when I press play the track play's for about 4 beats and just stops i have to restart the track. It's driving me nuts!
  3. JG101

    JG101 New Member

    I've been noticing a few issues that no one has seemed to bring up. They are relatively minor but bothersome none the less.

    First, for some reason I seem to have to re-analyze everything. Anytime I tap tempo I get an error message saying missing transients, even though all the correct info is there. As a result, I've had to re-analyze many tracks live as I play them. Kinda annoying.

    Secondly, and this may seen trivial but normally I can double click on a playlist and all the songs in the playlist will highlight. This doesn't happen anymore. I know it seems trivial but if I'm going to re-analyze certain playlists this would save me some time instead of using command keys to highlight my lists.

    Aside from that, I'm getting clicks and pops too. I used it last friday and saturday. Half way through my set on saturday a song's waveform completely stretched out, the song skipped, then went completely dead and then traktor crashed. Here's hoping I don't have the same problem tonight.

    I'm using the S4, on a mac notebook version 10.6.8, 2.4GHz Intel core 2 duo with 4 gb of ram.

  4. Engine77

    Engine77 NI Product Owner

    This is intentional and was in the New Features list for ver 2.5.

    "Select-All feature moved from double-click on tree node to context menu, to avoid conflicts with double-click opening of folders"
  5. electronicmaddness

    electronicmaddness NI Product Owner

    on a mac a simple CMD-A will do the trick!
  6. pasik

    pasik NI Product Owner

    Please open bug reports about these issues to NI support ! Thank you.
  7. DJSigma

    DJSigma Forum Member

    Traktor messes up audio file tags when adding music to its library and analysing the files. It removes the release year, removes leading 0s from track numbers, and also removes track numbers altogether if they begin with a letter, A1 for example. I've only used FLAC files with Traktor so far, so I have no idea if it affects other audio file types.

    I'm so annoyed about this, because I have to re-tag a large library of music now. I backed up my collection last night before I noticed this, so my backup is also affected.

    Here's a couple of pics to illustrate the issue: -

    Before: -


    After: -

  8. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    It is a known issue acknowledged in the release notes, hopefully to be fixed soon.
    i am experiencing glitches when multiplying/dividing tempo, while working the grids.
  9. mest42085

    mest42085 NI Product Owner

    In 2.5, Traktor cannot recall FX snapshots I have stored for the Delay in FX banks 3 & 4. Will do some more testing and report back.
  10. Pjotr123

    Pjotr123 NI Product Owner

    Solved this: deleted the user defined assignments allocated to the sampledeck buttons in the user tsi for the S4. Imported the new file. It took some time for Traktor to sort it out, but finally it worked.
    I read this too, but cannot find it it the context menu.:confused:
  11. JG101

    JG101 New Member

    Bummer. It conflicts with the way I use traktor but oh well. Not a huge problem. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Pjotr123

    Pjotr123 NI Product Owner

    CTL-A for Windows.
  13. electronicmaddness

    electronicmaddness NI Product Owner

    yes i know...the point was that the op is using a mac...telling him the windows shortcut wouldn't help
  14. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    so far for my negative experiences/bugs:

    - can't map all 64 slots? that's bugged out
    - cannot exit traktor from fullscreen - alt + f4 (pc) does not work
    - going from extended to browse view then the square cursor on the scroll bar disappears, and re-appears when i switch back to extended view...
    - checking the collection takes substantially longer than before, so does importing of files, but does not crash as it did before
    - still the space on top of screen is not being used for displaying all 4 panels full size, that's just criminal... this used to be in some version prior
    - sorting by Analyzed column does not work as it should, all the NOs should end up on one end but they float in the middle somewhere.?.
    - CPU usage seems higher, but memory management better as higher collection sizes load now

    hope that wasn't too verbose, more as i test
  15. davscanlon

    davscanlon NI Product Owner

    Audio pops when using key lock.
  16. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    low sub pop's with key lock on
  17. ahavah

    ahavah New Member

    Having all the same problems. The Higher CPU usage is what is causing sound clipping/popping/dropping. I finally had no choice but to re-install 2.1.1 until a more stable release of 2.5 is available.

  18. Driver111

    Driver111 New Member


    Weird but what i've tried is

    Totally uninstalling all versions of traktor and installing the full install of 2.5 from scratch and not the upgrade. This seemed to stop the effects from resetting and possibly fixed a few other things? I didnt have time to try it fully but things seemed a little better.
    I also noticed that the issue with the full screen to window "lockup" is there seems to be a hidden window thats open, i managed to close it with task manager on win7 and then from there i was able to change from full screen & window mode.
    As someone mentioned its to do with enableing full screen mode with consistancy check, i think the program is running 2 consistancy checks at once.
  19. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    I'm seeing a lot higher cpu spikes when clicking either FX on or off or selecting which decks to which FX units, i'm really trying to sike the computer out so lots of clicking, but this didn't happen on the last version.

    So it's a bug IMO

    FX routing needs optimising
  20. dahJah

    dahJah NI Product Owner

    Traktor is sending out the wrong midi info to my mixer. I could be playing a song that is 85bpm and my mixer is reading 120bpm.
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