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Bug - Too Quiet

Discussion in 'B4 & B4 II' started by Lowkus, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    B4 II (standalone) is producing extremely quiet, almost inaudible sound. I have to crank the drive knob nearly full just to hear anything. My sound card settings are set to 100% volume, and if I play FM8, Absynth4, etc. they have no problem playing at normal volume. I've run a lot of NI updates/installs lately, is it possible those installs have ruined the B4 II levels? Has anyone else encountered this problem with B4 II?

    Additional Info: It turns out B4 II will play at normal volume in a host, it's only when I run stand-alone that it has a problem. Interestingly, if I run it in a host, then later open it in stand-alone, the initially loaded preset will play at normal volume but if I change to any other preset then that's when everything goes quiet. Unfortunately I think this is some sort of bug that's crept into B4 II. If anyone else experiences this, please post here so that I can figure out whether I'm unique in this problem. My system is a Core i7 Win7 x64 machine with a Delta1010 sound card.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
  2. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    I found the solution! There's an image of a floor pedal just to the left of the Reverb/Drive knobs. Moving that pedal changes the volume of the sound. It's global to all patches and remembered between sessions, but saved separately between stand-alone and embedded versions. One of those "probably should have read the manual" moments.