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  1. Macklefinch

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    Traktor Scratch Pro for sale.

    As the title suggests, I have a Traktor Scratch Pro License for sale. Paypal preferred. Make me an offer.:)
  2. dj_smex

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    Hi, have the Pioneer DJM3000 19inch mixxer and CMX twin cd mix both fitted in swan alli case for £500 collection only from Clacton-On-Sea Essex UK. call 07540 851309 if interested.
    Also have the Vestax VCI-100 £100 again collection only.
  3. chuseyo77

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    I am trying to sell my Traktor Duo. Has only been used at few shows. I have read that Native Instruments provide unregistration forms that I will be willing to fill according. I am only asking $275 its well worth it. The vinyl are warped but will purchase news ones. Anyone can contact me via email lance.edward.morris@gmail.com
  4. AK_1_Obi

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    hey guys, im selling my traktor s2. i purchased it about a month ago, and i can provide proof of purchase. i bought it from ebay brand new and i am the first and original owner. the reason i am selling it is because i have school finances, and want to get a different set up in the future. i only used the traktor s2 for less than 10 hours and it was only used in my house. comes with original box, wires, instruction papers. will ship double boxed and only accept payment via paypal. this ensures safety of both me and the buyer. will sell for 300$ shipped or obo. contact me at jedixsole@gmail.com thanks! Image 1.jpg
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    Hey all,

    Looking to sell my Allen and Heath xone 2:02 with faceplate graphic. I bought it new for 500. Used it for a year before I decided to switch to my z2 and I'd love some new x1s. :p It is in excellent condition and I am asking 500 for it, but it will come with a custom foam pelican hard plastic case. I love these cases and trust all my gear to them, but my new mixer won't fit in this case. It is in excellent condition as well. If there is an interest, message me and I'll get you pictures of everything. Thanks!
  6. Its Brady

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    I have a Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK1 for sale for $500. It comes with an Odyssey Flight Case, Original box, Traktor Pro 2 software that has never been installed of activated, also all original cables.

    It has been in its case since the day I bought it. And has only left the house for 1 gig since i've owned it. It is in perfect cosmetic condition and in 100% working order. Great piece of gear, I just prefer my turntables and have no need for it anymore.

    PM me if interested. Thanks

  7. judeson2009

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    "Cleaning Out Studio" Sale

    Selling off the stuff I never use anymore, or barely used in the first place.

    • NI Kontrol F1 ( Original box, Unregistered Traktor Pro Licence, and Kontrol Bag (MK 1) ) - $175 obo
    • NI Guitar Rig Kontrol ( Original box. No Software. ) - sold
    • Akai APC40 for Ableton Live ( Live Intro Included ) - $150 obo
    None of the items have ever left my non-smoking studio.

    PayPal only.

    Feel free to message me with questions.

    Respect, Groove & Gratitude.

    IMG_4372.jpg IMG_4380.jpg IMG_4384.jpg IMG_4031.jpg IMG_4048.jpg
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    Hi everyone I am selling a used M-Audio Trigger Finger for 60$. Buyer pays for shipping, please e-mail me for pics or offers. comebackchris@gmail.com
  9. judeson2009

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    Traktor 2 "Bundle" $450

    • Audio8DJ
    • Kontrol X1 w/NI Bag
    • Kontrol F1 w/NI Bag
    • Traktor 2 Software Lic.
    • Mono Producer Bag

    $450 plus shipping.

    Kontrol F1 is less than 2 months old. Everything works great, but I no longer need it, and I'm cleaning the studio out.

    I'm including the time codes, but you need the older Traktor licenses for them to work.

    For about $100 bucks, you can upgrade it to a full Traktor Scratch Pro set up.

    If you add up each item individually on eBay, it's a good deal.

    Feel free to message me for details.

    US only. Paypal only.

    IMG_4398.jpg IMG_4407.jpg IMG_4372.jpg IMG_4380.jpg IMG_4382.jpg
  10. jeduars

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    Traktor Pro 2 - software only

    Hey guys, anybody looking to buy a Traktor Pro 2 license? NI has been contacted and It's ready to go! $50, please PM for details
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  14. Irv_Tf

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    RANE SL4 -- brand new
    All vinyls and CD's are still closed. The unit is in it's original box and has never been used. It was manufatured 3 months ago and I bought it on EBay 2 weeks ago. I just decided I don't need it and will stick to my Z2 or borrow a SL2 from my friends if I need it. $750.00USD. NYC area.

    Stanton SA-8 -- used fair condition
    Great mixer the only problem on it is that the fader curves are very sharp. Someone removed the resistors off of the P&G line faders. It's good for everyday use or parts. $70.00USD. NYC area

    Rane TTM57SL -- used good condition
    Great working condition I just do not need it anymore. $600.00USD NYC area

    Send me PM if you are interested. The prices are not negotiable and I do not need anything in trade.
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    Looking to buy Traktor Scratch Pro 2 license.

    If someone has traktor scratch pro 1 vinyl that is in good condition or new, let me know also, I may just grab those instead of upgrading.

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  18. Courtoconnor24

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    Is this for Traktor scratch pro 1? Just making sure let me know thanks.
  19. Courtoconnor24

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    Still for sale?
  20. Courtoconnor24

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    So you have traktor scratch pro 2? Would you sell just the license? Let me know thanks.