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    Salutations everyone,

    As the title suggests, I need help in cancelling the order, I already have opened up a ticket regarding that, and while I was doing some research on how to cancel an order from NI, after reading some horrifying threads about how hard it is to cancel the order, it recommended me to create a post here about it.

    I am trying to cancel order for Komplete kontrol m32 because I believe I have enough for their flagship product s series, it is out of stock and I am told to wait, I read somewhere that there is a custom fee involved and the best idea is to purchase it from your local dealer...

    I need to cancel it before they stock up and send it. I live in Canada, I cant find their phone number or anything. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Nite, you are right that there is an customs charge, anywhere ffrom $55 to$70 +tax when shipping to Canada. I know I had to pay the higher price, someone in Edmonton paid less for some reason, UPS go figure.
    Your best bet is to order from an outfit in Canada, like L&M for example.
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    You can use our chat here to get in touch with our team during business hours :