Cannot register Audio 2 Hardware

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR Audio Interfaces' started by HDB, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. HDB

    HDB New Member

    watsap people,

    i just got the audio 2 and want to register the hardware on the native instruments website. i got an error saying its an invalid serial. what happened?

    on another note with the audio 2 i managed to get a free traktor duo 2 upgrade but not really familiar with it. i cant play/mix tracks on it like i always do when using traktor 3(just got the $ to upgrade from the old software hehe) so whats happening? does the duo only work with external mixers and midi controllers?

  2. Vyacheslav

    Vyacheslav New Member

    The same.

    I bought a Traktor Audio 2.

    Serial Numbers of TRAKTOR LE 2 and KOMPLETE 7 Players was correct and these products was activated successfully.

    Then I've typed the serial number of the sound card on
    the website and server responded "Please try again, the serial number is not valid."

    My support ticket number is 2012032310003532.

    I received a reply:
    Thank you for sending in your hardware serial number!
    We will import this number into our system now. This can take up to 48 hours.
    After that you will be able to register your serial via the website.

    48 hours have expired in March 25, but I still can't register my sound card via the website - "the serial number is not valid."

    What should I do now?

  3. bi!LY eagle

    bi!LY eagle Forum Member

    Maybe you guys have the Audio 2 DJ? It's the older version of the Audio 2 (same hardware and appearance), but they use different drivers. I wasn't aware of the difference until I recently bought the Audio 2 DJ on ebay..
  4. Vyacheslav

    Vyacheslav New Member

    My soundcard is Traktor Audio 2 definitely (it is written on the box).
    Serial number is NITA2... (7 more symbols).
  5. dj.frc

    dj.frc New Member

    Same problem here... I'm guessing Audio 2 cant register...
  6. Tehnik

    Tehnik Forum Member

    just contact the support - they will add it to your account, there seems to be some bug on the website as I couldnt register TA2 neither
  7. sorgenkind

    sorgenkind Forum Member

    I got the same issue with a traktor audio 2 MKII.. support replied to me like "please register it on your account" but i does not work.
    I hope the will be able to manually enter it for me, and maybe next time have the serials setup in the server in the right way :)
  8. sorgenkind

    sorgenkind Forum Member

    ...not even half an hour later a support employee manually added the serial, fast and friendly, big up!