Cannot Use Tekken"s effects on Live Input

Discussion in 'KONTROL F1' started by m a, Apr 12, 2019.

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    I have a Traktor Z2 and a F1 using the Traktor Pro V3 software.
    I have installed the Tekken mapping and it works fine on track decks .
    I have an AKG microphone plugged in as per NI doc and it works sound is coming through.
    but when I select channel D and number 3 or 4 for the live input no effects are applied to the mic.

    does someone have a useful way of making this work?
    as it has to work , I saw several videos where the F1 is applying all the available effects to a live input mic ...
  2. m a

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    Not much help received around here...

    how ever I managed to solve this myself by :
    following the instructions on how to plug a mic in the Z2.
    uninstalling Traktor Pro 3 (corrupt registry ) and reinstalled it.
    After this Number 1 and 2 effects started working on the mic
    than went to Control panel preferences Traktor Z2 and set the check on the Mic Aux Input - route mic in put traktor through traktor
    after this tekken sends the effects to the mic on 3 and 4