Can't make a loop when flux mode is on (kontrol s2)

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S4' started by basile, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. basile

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    Was using s2 with mac and ipad last night, on both when I pressed the flux mode button on the controller I was unable to make a loop on the controller. I pressed the loop button and it refused to make a loop. The loop flashed up quickly on the waveform then disappeared. The only way to make it loop was to keep holding the loop button down! Is this a known bug? Im using Ios6 and latest versions of traktor pro 2 and tdj

    When I disabled flux mode. Looping returned to normal
  2. DJ2HELL

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    i have the problem, that i can set a loop, but then the flux-mode doesn't work, so it's the same, if flux-mode is off...
  3. tmccoy

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    On Traktor Pro 2, you need to hold the Loop Size knob to maintain the loop in flux mode, as when you release it the playback position jumps to the uninterrupted point. So this isn't a bug but intended behavior, I think.