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:: CD players tested with TRAKTOR Scratch ::

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by DJ Freshfluke, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. luisfmoreira

    luisfmoreira Forum Member

    Hi, I'm using 2 technics sl-dz 1200 cd-players, everything works fine (track 1 loads song, track 2 starts the song, track 3 searches pl) the scratch sound is better than the sl-dz sound :D and the cue points work great , I even use the sampler pads has more cue's :D (one shot mode). of course u need 2 turn off pitch lock on the cd player or it will mess everything :D
  2. hyline

    hyline Forum Member

    wonderfull, this is what I hope to hear.

    My Technics Cd Player are on the Road to me :)

    Best wishes

    hyline :)
  3. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    CDJ400 works great except that the new scratch effects don't work as the time code cd's have no beat so it doesn't know how to process it!

    If anyone is tossing up the CDJ200 and CDJ400 please spend the extra and get the 400 ... it has a scratch mode so track 3 works great.

    Had 3 decks going last weekend with T3.3 ... 2 x CDJ1000mk2 & 1 x CDJ400 ... will try to post pictures soon ...
  4. djvassi

    djvassi New Member

    100s test!

    Hi guys i own 2 cdjs100 at home and play in a small club 4 nights a week that owns other 2 x 100s, and i have 2 gigs in bigger club that i use 1000s MKIII.

    So there are the results:

    100s has several very little things that bother me. When u play a tune at 0% pitch check the calibration signal in the scopes, you will see that it is different that the signal when u place the pitch at 0.1%. This isn't happened with 1000s. The same 0% pitch calibration signal repeat at +5.0(-0.5) and +10(-10). My opinion is the old players has different data signal than the new ones, and the new players perform better.

    There is a little problem that i have noticed with my 100s at home and at work. When you start the new track at the end of the first beat the track jumps. This happened with every new track you load and play.

    So if someone has a solution for this i will be more than pleased to read it and test it.
  5. luisfmoreira

    luisfmoreira Forum Member

    Btw just one stupid thing I did when playing out with the sl-dz's:
    on the end of the track I ejected traktor cd's 4 or 5 times because I kept forgetting it was timecode, not music!

    KAOSOUNDS New Member

    How did the Denon DSN-S1000 do? Anyone? Thank you.
  7. hmhr1979

    hmhr1979 New Member

    not sure if someone already posted, but the CDX with the time coded cds work just fine for me. I have been playing with my 1210's and I gotta say I like it better with my cdx setup with the time coded cds than the vynils.

    KAOSOUNDS New Member

  9. th0rax

    th0rax Forum Member

    let's get this topic going again...I might have to switch to cd players for a few months while I am away from my decks for the summer, and I need to know which players REALLY work well with TS...

    so far, some mixed opinions on CDJ 100 - that is kinda the player I am after, so I'd like to hear more user opinions - with the latest updates and all, how is it working? Also, CDJ800 and 1000...
  10. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    I have one CDJ-100 and I was DJing at a partythe other night on a couple of them with TS (I only got TS a couple of weeks ago).

    I normally mix on Vinyls and I wasn't impressed with how the 100 performs. Cue-ing a track is not impossible by any means, but tricky as there is a delay in everything you do (the main problem being the track moves forward slightly whilst paused sometimes). In the end I managed to mix fairly seamlessly with them (much better than other cheaper players..) but I definitely think there was room for imprvement.

    I have not tried the 800s or 1000s yet but I am guessing that they would be much better. Also, remember the 100s only have a pitch control that increases or decreases by 0.1% each time - I find that this isnt accurate enough to mix properly, but I am a perfectionist. :)

    Hope this helps..by the way, what do you mean "latest updates?" - firmware updates for the 100? That would be nice..
  11. Stereofunk86

    Stereofunk86 New Member

    Hi, i have tested the Denon DNS-1000's with traktor scratch. They work very well, i didnt have any problems using the control cd's.
  12. dj wb

    dj wb Forum Member

    next friday i'm playing in a local club with someone who also uses a TC system.

    after a small discussion we decided that he would use the turntables and i would use the CDJ's.

    the mixer is a pioneer djm 800.

    now i was wondering if it would be possible to use my croscables on only 2 channels ? or doesn't it work? and should i just bring normal cables ?

    thnx :)
  13. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    I have tried the DNS-1000 and had a constant problem with it pitch bending on its own, NI support said Denon use an enhancer and it confuses TS, a few people have rerecorded the control disc @ -15db but that did not work for me
  14. boomyak

    boomyak New Member

    Yeah, the Numark CDX units (while IMO being the absolute best cd decks on the market) were giving me slight issues in TS. I was concerned by this and spoke with tech support, and they said that they knew about the issue and that it'd be tackled in a future patch.

    The problem is that when vigorously scratched, even on absolute mode, the track jumps forward in roughly half second bursts, making it impossible to track the sticker on the CDX. I just wanna say that in the 1.2 patch for TS i've found that this issues is SOLVED and works flawlessly on absolute mode (practically melted the plastic i was scratching so hard/fast, and it was %100 on time) although the issue still persists in relative mode.

    also i think that this new fix will be applied to the traktor 3 new patch, 3.4 which i was also told is coming out soon.

    lemme know if anyone has had similar results
  15. progen

    progen NI Product Owner

    Unless you really must use specific channels (I like mine to be side by side for fast one handed fadein / out mixes), the DJM 800 has 4 channels so you can use two and the other DJ the other two.

    However, at this place where I spin at once a week on my offdays (also using a DJM 800), I use channel 1 and 2's line inputs whilst the resident DJ uses channel 2 and 3's digital inputs. There's a little switch behind to toggle between line and digital input for each channel. We can't use channel 4 because the input gain is dodgy. He uses CDs direct though so it's a good thing the Pioneer DVJ 1000s there can output digital and analog at the same time so there's no need to swap cables at the players' outputs.
  16. Devant

    Devant NI Product Owner

    ugh, this was happening to me on saturday night. Is there a fix available for this?
  17. LarsLB

    LarsLB NI Product Owner

    anyone ever tried an ancient piece like a Pioneer CDJ-500 ?
    just arrived in Germany and have to play a small gig in Hamburg and forgot my vinyls (grrrrrrr) .. so I might have to use that one. .

    any comments appreciated.

    lars behrenroth
  18. Steinz

    Steinz Forum Member

    Has anyone successfully used Pioneer CDJ 800 MK1's?
    I have an MK2 which works but potentially have to do a gig with 800 mk1's
  19. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    Yes it works fine.
  20. Steinz

    Steinz Forum Member

    just looking at your sig , can you confirm its works fine with cdj800 mkI
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