Certain Absynth patches not playing

Discussion in 'ABSYNTH' started by stratoculture666, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Today I opened Absynth and started going through the Browser to select patches but about half of them produce no sound. What could cause this and how do I fix it?

    Some examples of patches that are not working: Croid-Thunder (Absynth Legacy), Dark Celestians, Acid Rhubarb (Absynth 4), Bent Spector, Robots Rise (Absynth 5), etc.

    I have tried rebuilding the database to no effect.


    I've made some very strange discoveries.. If I open for example FlangedTXoid, it will not play. If I turn off all three effects slots, then it will play. If I turn on either the thing in the Effect slot or the Filter slot, sound stops. However, I can get away with playing it for a short time but then the notes stop again even without enabling any of those slots again. This also doesn't work for all the affected patches.. some refuse to play even if I switch off all those bottom three slots.

    Other weird things: some patches I've found that a Filter set to any of the first three LP options will not pass any sound (even if the cutoff is set to max) but all the other filters work properly. However then other patches work fine with any of the filters.

    If I had to guess at this point it seems like maybe certain presets have become corrupted? This is exceedingly strange, because it seems like the program itself is just not working correctly, but the faults are not consistent.


    Sorry, I keep tacking onto this as I figure out more stuff. This is a big one: it works perfectly in Ableton Live but exhibits all the above behavior in Cubase...
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    Weird. All the patches you have mentioned work perfectly over here.

    Maybe uninstall it completely then reinstall from scratch?
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    I don't know where it is but in Cubase there are midi information that gets cached that can affect the sound given the velocity. I would try resetting those. Sorry I don't remember where they are at the moment. Hope that helps.