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    Is it possible to alter the Shift Button on the D2?
    I want to overmap it but i need a "Shift" button obviously (and as far is I understand the function this button serves can not be midimaped). So i thought it might be possible to change the "Edit" button via QML Files to perform as "Shift" since i dont ever use "EDIT". The Same applys to the "Deck" button.
    Is this possible? And if so does anyone know a good Introduction/tutorial in to modyfing the QML files. Im pretty good at Midimapping but i dont fully understand what can be changed via QML. Is it just the behaivior and apperence of the screen or eveything the D2/S8 does?
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  2. Nick Moon

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    I'm pretty sure EDIT could be made into a secondary shift button - I have made changes to the QML so both DECK and BACK act as such. I even managed to make DECK behave as it usually does by using a timer so that if DECK is just pressed briefly it behaves as normal, but if held down for say more than 0.3seconds then it does something different.

    In terms of implementing this, unless you've got some coding skills you may struggle. You could lift the code from my new mods which I'm already super late in releasing due to work pressure and finishing the documentation (whilst the documentation isn't really necessary it helps iron out any issues I'd not spotted). Once I have the new version released I may have time to assist with your specific need...
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