Combos saving emty wav files

Discussion in 'GUITAR COMBOS' started by steamingbill, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. steamingbill

    steamingbill New Member


    I got the combos software registered and working but I dont understand how to create and save a wav file.

    Cannot find any pages on this site that are helpful.

    Can anybody help or point me towards the manual for combos ? I cannot find any help functions in the combos software.

    The software came with my newly purchased Behringer ucg102 guitar interface


  2. hazmat

    hazmat New Member

    It is possible that your recording levels are too low....does the file have 0 bytes or does it just not play anything when you open it media player for example ?

    if the latter....use something like audacity to amplify the sound and see if something is there....if that is the case.....check all of your input levels....